2011, Luxury Institute, "Top U.S. Private Wealth Management Firm"

Atlantic Trust scored the highest among 35 private wealth management firms in the survey with an overall LBSI score of 6.96 out of a maximum possible 10. The LBSI measures four separate indices – Quality, Exclusivity, Social Status and Self-Enhancement.

The Luxury Institute, a New York-based research firm, conducted research among 500 pentamillionaires (defined as wealthy consumers with a minimum annual income of $200,000 along with a minimum net worth of $5 million) about their opinions of luxury brands. The Luxury Institute rating may not be representative of any one client's experience, because the rating reflects an average of all, or a sample of all, of the experiences of Atlantic Trust's clients. Any reference to a ranking, a rating or an award provides no guarantee for future performance results and is not constant over time.