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Employee Matthew Seago

Matthew Seago
Senior Analyst, Wealth Management Compliance

Matthew Seago is a senior wealth compliance analyst in CIBC Private Wealth Management’s St. Louis office, with seven years of experience. In this role, he assists the Chief Compliance Officer in monitoring areas of compliance risk in ensuring that our firm and employees are compliant with the Investment Advisors Act and the guidelines set by the SEC. He trains employees on compliance program requirements and keeps them updated on new developments. He also assists with external reviews and audits.

Previously, he worked as a finance manager at Lowenhaupt Global Advisors, which became part of CIBC Private Wealth in 2019, where he was responsible for preparation of financial reports, payroll administration, bill pay and employee benefits administration. Previously, Matthew worked  as an investment operations administrator at Paris Software to develop customized performance reporting packages for our clients.

Matthew received Bachelor of Science degrees in finance and management from Quincy University and a Master’s of Business Administration from Benedictine University. He is currently enrolled in the Investment Advisor Compliance Certification Program (IACCP).

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