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Sid Queler

Chief Growth Officer, CIBC Private Wealth

Hi, I'm Sid, Chief Growth Officer at CIBC Private Wealth. I'm pleased to introduce The Affluent Mind series, where I'll be sharing portfolio and wealth planning considerations for you―the investor.

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The benefits and challenges of higher interest rates

Learn how rising rates may affect you.

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The war in Ukraine roiled oil and gas markets

Even with the current volatility, we believe commodities continue to be an attractive asset class that offers compelling investment opportunities.

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Disruptions in agriculture and food production may create opportunities for investors

This article is the first in a three-part series discussing potential opportunities in commodities.

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Here be dragons: The Federal Reserve is charting new territory

Where will the Fed’s effort to shrink its balance sheet take us?

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Where will the Fed’s fight against inflation take us?

We could be headed for a soft landing, a recession or a period of stagflation.

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Investing in a time of uncertainty

Inflation, changing monetary policy and the war in Ukraine have heightened market volatility.

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Recalibrating expectations

Changing economic conditions may affect companies, profitability, and share price valuations.

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Stock markets and interest rates have a complicated relationship

What will happen to the stock market when the Federal Reserve raises rates?

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Before you sell your business (Part 2)

This two-part series presents considerations that will help business owners position themselves for success before, during, and after the sale of a business.

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Before you sell your business (Part 1)

Start early, choose the right structure, gather the right experts—and don’t forget the tax and financial planning implications.

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What is your family’s philanthropic approach?

Philanthropy is a wonderful way for families to share values and beliefs with the next generation.

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Simmering on the back burner: the national debt

The national debt of the United States is bigger than the American economy.

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China’s heightened regulatory oversight shakes investor confidence

China has the largest economy in the world, but it’s still an emerging market.

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The great investment strategy debate: active or passive management?

Understanding the difference between active and passive strategies is important.

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Tax proposals fill the air

The clamor of official and unofficial tax proposals can be overwhelming, but there are ways to prepare for any changes that may be ahead.

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The move toward clean energy

At least 110 countries have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050. Investors should consider what sectors of the market are likely to benefit from the change.

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Possible capital gains tax hike ahead

Here’s what you need to know to understand Biden's capital gains tax proposal, who it will affect and how it may impact markets.

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Part 2: Will the infrastructure plan help or hurt your portfolio?

Weighing the benefits of higher corporate tax rates and higher government spending.

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Part 1: Will the infrastructure plan help or hurt your portfolio?

Investors would do well to consider the potential impact of higher corporate tax rates on financial market returns.

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Commodities – A triple threat?

Commodities have the potential to hedge portfolios against inflation, deepen diversification and improve return potential.

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Is it 1999 again? Finding opportunity amidst irrational exuberance

Is your portfolio positioned to benefit from improving economic growth and rising interest rates?

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