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Wealth Strategies

3 Considerations for Building Flexibility into Your Trusts

Theresa Marx
October 01, 2019

It’s critical to consider flexibility for your trusts. We can help to ensure they'll adapt to changing times, circumstances and tax laws.

Wealth Strategies

3 Real Estate Transfer Strategies That May Be Right for You

Theresa Marx
September 26, 2019

Giving a gift in the form of real estate can be a tactic that helps you take advantage of a large exemption amount without hurting your liquidity.


ESG Is More Than Just 3 Letters

John Tennaro, CIMA®, CSRIC™
September 24, 2019

Interested in both doing good and investing? We explore growing ESG trends, its lack of standardized methods of measurement, human intentionality, and tips on how to identify genuine ESG contenders.


What are Repurchase Agreements?

Tim Musial, CFA
September 20, 2019

Repurchase agreements, or “repos”, are a form of short-term borrowing. What’s behind the recent headlines, and what is the risk?


FOMC Cuts Rates by 0.25%

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
September 19, 2019

Head of Fixed Income Gary Pzegeo shares a summary from the FOMC meeting.


The Potential Risks of Concentrated Investment Portfolios

Randy Joseph
September 19, 2019

As you consider the allocation of your investment portfolio, it can be helpful to know some potential risks and common biases associated with concentrated investments.

Wealth Strategies

2 Reasons Why a Dynasty Trust May be an Attractive Strategy

Theresa Marx
September 17, 2019

Curious how your wealth can benefit future generations?


How to Prepare for a Retirement Plan Audit

Rosemarie Panico-Marino
September 13, 2019

Just eight short letters but something we all dread to hear: IRS Audit.

Wealth Strategies

5 Gifting Strategies That May Work for You and Your Family

Theresa Marx
September 12, 2019

Considering a lifetime gift? These strategies can help you plan for the transfer of your wealth and make the most of your assets.


The Advisor Podcast - Populism Rising

Advisor Magazine
September 04, 2019

In this Advisor podcast, we talk with Chief Investment Officer Dave Donabedian, CFA, and Geopolitical Strategist Matt Gertken, Ph.D., about the rising tide of Populist movements and its impact on investors.

Firm News

Welcoming Lowenhaupt Global Advisors Team

Jack Markwalter
September 03, 2019

Further extends CIBC’s private wealth business and deepens family office expertise

Wealth Strategies

The Advisor Podcast - Navigating a Changing Healthcare System

Advisor Magazine
September 02, 2019

In this Advisor podcast, Diane Savastano, Founder and Principal of Healthassist, shares strategies to help you remain in control of your healthcare priorities.


Is a Global Sovereign Debt Crisis Imminent?

Ohm Srinivasan and Kyle Leavitt
August 27, 2019

Since the financial crisis in 2008, total global debt levels have swollen to new heights. According to The Institute of International Finance, global debt has grown from $172 trillion in December of 2008 to $243 trillion in December of 2018. However, these trillions of dollars only tell part of the story.

Wealth Strategies

3 Strategies for Funding Education

Beth McRae Mayfield
August 26, 2019

Are you planning to support the next generation’s education? If you have adult children, it’s natural to want to help them financially. Here's some tactics that can help you maximize your contribution.


Four Common Questions Investors Have About Our Economic Outlook

Dave Donabedian, CFA
August 21, 2019

Chief Investment Officer Dave Donabedian fields questions about recent economic developments, including the inverted yield curve and the trade war with China.

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