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FOMC: No Change in Target Rate

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
May 02, 2019

The Federal Reserve concluded its two-day meeting by leaving short-term rates unchanged. Here is a summary of today’s release and press conference.

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Case Study: Expanding Services to an Expanding Company

Dan Sullivan
May 01, 2019

We present a case study of how one of the largest U.S.-based infrastructure contractors in North America needed a larger credit line to finance its growing business opportunities.

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How to Divide the Family Business in a Divorce

Beth McRae Mayfield
April 25, 2019

Splitting the family business in a divorce can introduce a new set of challenges to an already complex process, and no single approach is right for everyone. Read our latest blog, How to Divide the Family Business in a Divorce, to get a better understanding of your options.

The Sea Is One

Carolyn Donnelly
April 23, 2019

Each year, CIBC Private Wealth Management showcases various experts through our Client Speaker Series to educate our clients and provide unique insights into global markets and the economy. This year, we are very excited that retired U.S. Navy Admiral James Stavridis is joining the Series. Admiral Stavridis spent more than 35 years in the U.S. Navy. He also served nearly four years as Supreme...


Understanding the Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Retirement Plans

Rosemarie Panico-Marino
April 22, 2019

Is a company merger or acquisition in your organization’s future? If so, have you considered the impact on both parties’ retirement plans?

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Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce

Beth McRae Mayfield
April 19, 2019

Although couples divorce for a multitude of unique reasons, a commonality that often exists before or during divorce is the loss of trust. And when there’s mistrust in a marriage, it’s conceivable that one or both spouses may have hidden assets from the other. It is in your best interest to make sure all assets are brought to light during the divorce process. Since finding hidden assets—or...

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Finding Opportunity, Using Tikkun Olam

Linda Beerman
April 17, 2019

In Judaism, tikkun olam (meaning “repair the world”), is a concept that instructs us to behave and act constructively and beneficially. Marcy Borofsky has shaped her entire life around the belief that we bear responsibility for the welfare of society at large. As a physical therapist, dentist, public health expert, and entrepreneur—as well as a daughter, mother, and grandmother—Marcy has...


Introduction to Opportunity Zones

John Tennaro, CIMA®, CSRIC™
April 16, 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 initiated a new developmental program—known as Qualified Opportunity Zones—designed to encourage investments in economically-distressed communities.

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Preparing for Divorce? First, Get Organized

Cathy Schnaubelt
April 11, 2019

Because of the many moving parts involved with divorce, the time you spend getting your financial affairs in order ahead of time is time well spent. Developing a sound organizational system helps set you up for success and often reduces the anxiety that accompanies the divorce process. If you’re considering or planning to get a divorce, here are three steps to help you prepare.


Investing in Europe

Matt Scherer, CFA
April 09, 2019

Europe is one of the largest economic regions in the world and - despite a multitude of negative news headlines - remains a market with promising companies showing strong signs of growth.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Have an Estate Plan

Cathy Schnaubelt
April 04, 2019

While you may think that only the ultra-wealthy need an estate plan, anyone—regardless of age, marital status or net worth—can benefit from having a plan in place if the unexpected happens. Here are six reasons why you should have an estate plan at any stage of life.


Clean Energy: The Next Investment Frontier

Jerimiah Booream, CFA
April 02, 2019

Clean energy is a large and growing market driven by increasingly attractive economics and broad-based demand. As modern electricity generation shifts from coal and nuclear power to renewables and natural gas, we are excited about the many new investment opportunities these changes should create in the years ahead. Find out why in our recent blog post, “Clean Energy: The Next Investment Frontier.”


What Has Changed at the Fed?

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
March 28, 2019

What's behind the Fed's recent change in outlook, and what does it mean for the market?

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

Cathy Schnaubelt
March 27, 2019

Credit cards can be a great addition to your day-to-day financial plan. However, when used irresponsibly, credit cards can quickly erode your credit and financial health. Before opening multiple cards, consider the pros and cons.


FOMC Maintains Short Rates, Confirms A Dovish Policy Shift

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
March 21, 2019

Short term interest rate markets have placed very low odds on a move at today’s meeting of the Federal Reserve since disruption took hold of broader financial markets in the middle of December 2018.

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