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5 Strategies to Protect Family Wealth

Cathy Schnaubelt
November 08, 2018

While many people worry that a volatile market environment or bad investment decision will cause them to lose a substantial portion of their assets, as people grow wealthier, they also become more susceptible to lawsuits that attempt to capitalize on their hard-earned wealth.

Wealth Strategies

Second Chances: The Importance of Post-Mortem Planning

Lindsay Jacobsen
November 06, 2018

In addition to articulating the deceased’s intentions for the distribution of their assets, an ideal estate plan considers the many unknowns that are difficult to anticipate before death, like taxes and estate liquidity—not to mention family and business complexities.

Wealth Strategies

The Advantages of Donor Advised Funds as a Charitable Giving Strategy

Cathy Schnaubelt
October 30, 2018

As a donor you have many options, but one giving strategy—donor-advised funds—has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Wealth Strategies

Investing with a Purpose

Cathy Schnaubelt
October 25, 2018

A multitude of new investment opportunities have emerged that allow investors to “do well by doing good.” In other words, investors no longer need to separate investing with a purpose from financial gains—these two goals can be achieved simultaneously.

Wealth Strategies

Uncovering the Facts About Estate Planning Documents

Halsey Schreier
October 23, 2018

Myths aren’t just the stuff of legends. They’re everywhere—even in the financial world. Myths can be damaging, but also instructive, especially when we examine the counter-story. Each quarter in The Advisor, we will address some of the common myths that surround a particular wealth management or investment topic. This quarter, our focus is on estate planning, health care proxies and...

Wealth Strategies

6 Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

Cathy Schnaubelt
October 18, 2018

Although we typically associate the term “estate” with the ultra-wealthy, estate planning is not just for the rich. Everyone, regardless of family dynamics or financial status, can benefit from having an estate plan—a collection of documents that specify how you want your assets distributed. Nevertheless, most people have neglected to put such plans in place. According to a recent survey...


Volatility Returns

Dave Donabedian, CFA
October 12, 2018

While a spike in volatility can be unnerving, it is a normal part of the market cycle. There are myriad theories on why the strong upswing in the third quarter has abruptly reversed course in October. We would cite two as the most dominant.

Wealth Strategies

Effective Philanthropy: How to be More Strategic about Giving

Cathy Schnaubelt
October 11, 2018

Americans tend to be very charitable. Historically, charitable giving as a percentage of GDP has consistently hovered around 2%. In 2017, this amounted to more than $400 billion, according to Giving USA. Yet, most of us don’t really understand the impact that our donations have on the causes we choose to support. After the check is written, where does the money go? Strategic philanthropy is a...

Women's CIRCLE

Why Women Need to Engage in Financial Planning

Patricia DeChant
October 09, 2018

In today’s world, women are corporate executives, entrepreneurs, independent investors and leaders in their communities. They control over half of the world’s wealth, and their share is rapidly rising. One in four married women is the breadwinner, and they are increasingly becoming the key decision-makers when it comes to personal and family finances.  Yet, on...


International Update: European Due Diligence

Matt Scherer, CFA
October 08, 2018

The wild ride continued last month as the market declined over 3.0% early on, only to stage a strong recovery in the back half of the month.

Wealth Strategies

Key Considerations For Selling A Family Business

Cathy Schnaubelt
October 04, 2018

Succession planning can be one of the most challenging aspects of owning and operating a family business. And while many family business owners may dream of passing ownership of the business onto future generations, keeping the business within the family isn’t always a viable option. When a clear successor within the family doesn’t exist, family business owners are faced with the difficult...

Wealth Strategies

When to Consider an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Cathy Schnaubelt
September 27, 2018

Keeping a family business within the same family from generation to generation is not always a possibility. Nevertheless, many family business owners want to ensure that the firm and culture they have worked hard to build is preserved well into the future. An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a way to keep control of a family-owned business within a different type of family—employees who...


FOMC Raises the Target Range By 0.25%

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
September 27, 2018

The Federal Reserve raised the target range for short-term rates to 2.00% - 2.25%, as expected. Today’s information revealed neither a sign that the Fed was preparing to pause nor accelerate the process of rate normalization.

The Connection

Investing in China

Ohm Srinivasan, CFA
September 26, 2018

Emerging markets have become volatile in recent months due to the conflict over global trade, especially as it becomes a showdown between the U.S. and China. Both rhetoric and action on this front have been and may continue to be highly unpredictable.

G2G Impact

In Partnership: Using Two Strategies to Target Sweet Spots in the Market

Dave Donabedian, CFA
September 25, 2018

Mid-cap stocks are often referred to as the market’s sweet spot—they are typically less volatile than small-cap stocks but offer more growth potential than large caps. This combination has resulted in favorable risk-adjusted returns over time, which investors tend to seek. Yet, historically, mid-cap stocks have been largely overlooked.  In the early 1990s, two investment teams began to...

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