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Year-End Tax Planning Checklist: What to Know

Ryan Christine Coulson
December 01, 2016

  Every year we advise our clients to engage in routine, year-end tax planning. This planning is needed now, especially as we take President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed tax policies into consideration. With the new year quickly approaching, our Wealth Strategies Group has created the following checklist that may serve as a starting point for your year-end tax planning:     ...

Wealth Strategies

How Will the Election Impact Healthcare Coverage?

Dianne Savastano
November 30, 2016

  The result of this month’s presidential election has caused concern about how healthcare will change. And while the specifics are still being worked out, changes in our healthcare system are sure to come. Understandably, many people are wondering how the objectives of the new administration will affect health coverage for themselves and their loved ones.     With that in...

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Atlantic Trust Post-Election Update Webinar

Dave Donabedian, CFA
November 15, 2016

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election outcome yielded not one, but two surprises for the nation and the world last week. The first, of course, was an unexpected Republican sweep in both the White House and in Congress: Donald Trump has been elected 45th President of the United States while the GOP retained control of the House of Representatives and gained a majority in the Senate. The other...

Women's CIRCLE

Women’s CIRCLE Meets to Discuss Legacy Legends in Chicago

Becky Milliman
November 10, 2016

  Our Chicago office was pleased to host the latest installment of Atlantic Trust’s Women’s CIRCLE event series last week. Titled “Legacy Legends: Preserving Your Family’s True Treasure,” the evening event gave our guests an opportunity to discuss the meaning and importance of legacy for their own families.     Joining us for the evening was Brian Floriani, founder and...


Election Impact on the MLP Sector

Paul McPheeters, CFA
November 09, 2016

  The following represents our team’s views based on what we believe the likely implications will be from the election.     Overall, we view this election as a significant positive for the MLP Sector with the primary driver being less expected regulation, which should provide two benefits:                     ...

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Election and Market Update

Dave Donabedian, CFA
November 09, 2016

  Donald Trump's victory was greeted negatively by global equity markets overnight, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index opened this morning in a slightly positive direction.     A number of factors may create a volatile short-term environment:                       A visceral reaction...


Other Countries Watch the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Jay Pearlstein, CFA
November 08, 2016

  At a major bipartisan charity dinner held last month, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared the sentiment that this election cycle feels never-ending. In fact, Clinton said one of our priorities really should be to shorten these campaigns—an idea that was met with nods of approval.     A look at election cycles around the world suggests that they might be on to something....

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View from the top: A Q&A with The New York Times’ Joe Kahn

Jay Pearlstein, CFA
November 03, 2016

  Whether it’s due to unpredictable global markets, high-stakes political events or the threat of terrorism, the world is often a volatile place. Keeping pace with new developments as they emerge is no easy task, giving journalists a heightened role in helping the public stay informed of what’s happening in the world around them.     One such journalist is Joe Kahn, veteran...


Federal Funds Rate Remains Unchanged Heading Into December

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
November 02, 2016

  The FOMC left the target range for Federal Funds at 0.25%  - 0.50%. Markets priced in very low odds for an interest rate increase at today’s meeting, given the proximity of election day. The committee made very few changes to the content of its press release, but characterizations of inflation suggest they are edging closer to a move at the December 14 meeting.     ...

Wealth Strategies

Medicare Open Enrollment, Part II: Evaluating Your Options

Dianne Savastano
October 31, 2016

  Medicare Open Enrollment 2017 began earlier this month—on October 15. It continues through December 7, with any new choices you make becoming effective on January 1, 2017.     In last week’s blog, we reviewed some of the basic differences between the many different products that insurance companies offer to those who are in the process of enrolling in Medicare. We also...

Wealth Strategies

6 Habits of People Who Achieve Early Retirement

Kyle Marotta, CFP®
October 26, 2016

  How many Americans have dreamed of retiring before their 60th birthday? What about in their 40s or even sooner? Despite the uncertainty of what retirement may look like in 30 years, an increasing number of millennials—both singles and financially savvy couples—are already preparing to make the dream of financial independence a reality.     Of course, early retirement...

Wealth Strategies

Medicare Open Enrollment, Part I: Opportunity Awaits You

Dianne Savastano
October 24, 2016

  Medicare Open Enrollment 2017 began earlier this month on October 15. It continues through December 7, with any new choices you make becoming effective on January 1, 2017.     Medicare open enrollment makes it possible for you to be proactive about assessing the suite of Medicare products in which you may be enrolled and to make any changes needed to better suit your...

Firm News

G2G Impact After Hours Returns to the Windy City

Bret Farris, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®
October 20, 2016

  Set against Chicago’s dramatic skyline, Atlantic Trust and the Nexus Global Youth Summit were pleased to host the latest installment of G2G (Generation to Generation) Impact’s After Hours Series at Venue SIX10. The event hosted a number of Chicago’s top young investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, who were invited to share their stories about social change and leaving a legacy. ...

Wealth Strategies

Election 2016: A Look at the Candidates’ Tax Platforms

Art Graper, CFP®
October 19, 2016

  While every part of a presidential candidate’s platform has the potential to affect individual lives, few things are quite as personal as taxes. This year, the candidates’ proposals affect how much could be contributed to a tax-qualified retirement plan, whether municipal bond income will be taxed, the possibility of a new minimum tax and a host of other things.     With...


Why Do Investors Prefer Premium Bonds?

Dan Skolochenko
October 18, 2016

  A few years ago, I authored a white paper titled “Don’t Be Afraid of Premium Bonds” in response to a common concern of clients about the high premiums that municipal bonds carry. It’s a topic that continues to be relevant today as the low-yield environment in bond markets has pushed securities prices to historic highs.     Consequently, some clients have been taken by...

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