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What’s the Deal with Private Equity? Understanding Private Equity Returns

Dan Criscuolo
February 23, 2017

For some investors, private equity (PE) may be a bit of a mystery. Their only exposure might be a story in The Wall Street Journal, likely titled, “Is this the end of private equity?” While it seems that this article comes out every year, the asset class has been generating attractive long-term performance over multiple investment cycles, and we believe performance will be attractive for years...

Wealth Strategies

Repeal the ACA? Let's First Make Sure We Understand the Impact

Dianne Savastano
February 23, 2017

Changes to the Affordable Care Act now under consideration may very well have a significant impact on our current Medicare system and, as a result, on the coverage provided. I'll explain what this may mean to you in a minute, but first, let's talk about how Medicare began and has evolved over the past 50+ years.   A brief history of Medicare Medicare was signed into law in 1965 during...

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7 Conversations You Should Have with Your Financial Advisor

Rogelio Duran
February 22, 2017

It’s difficult to know where to start with a new financial advisor. How do you get started, and what do you tackle first? Even if you’ve had a relationship with your advisor for 20 or more years, it’s entirely possible that there are financial topics you haven’t covered yet. For us, it’s important that you get the most out of your relationship with your advisor.

Firm News

Announcing New Office Heads in Atlanta and New York

Eric Propper, CFA
February 17, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Kishore Setty, CFA, and Scott Thompson, CTFA, were named heads of our New York and Atlanta offices, respectively. A great deal of thought and strategic planning went into these important leadership transitions, and they reflect a commitment to ensuring continuity and consistency with our management team. Atlantic Trust invests in our rising talent and strives to...

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Once Upon a Time: The Importance of Sharing Your Family Story

Cathy Schnaubelt
February 16, 2017

We all have a story. It evolves daily and grows along with our family. It becomes part of our personal history, and it is important to not only relive those moments for ourselves, but also to share those memories with our children and grandchildren. Communicating these experiences—whether positive or otherwise—connects the past to the future and provides the next generation with insights into...

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Tax Reform: What, When and How

Ryan Christine Coulson
February 15, 2017

We understand from President Donald J. Trump’s economic agenda that we can expect to see significant changes in several areas of our existing economy. One of his main campaign pledges was to reform tax laws; however, the process to implement these reforms likely won’t take place until the spring. In the Q1 2017 edition of The Advisor, Atlantic Trust’s quarterly magazine, we asked Daniel...

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Estate Planning in a New Administration: Goodbye Estate Tax?

Halsey Schreier
February 02, 2017

Now that we’re past the election and President Donald J. Trump’s campaign platform is beginning to come to life under a GOP-controlled Congress, the phrase “eliminate the estate tax” will start to get a lot more attention. But a repeal of the estate tax is just one part of the overall Trump tax platform, with significant changes also being proposed to the rates of individual and corporate...


Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
February 01, 2017

The Federal Open Market Committee voted to keep monetary policy steady following a December 2016 increase in short-term rates.  The market implied probability of another hike at today’s meeting was less than 15%.  There were a few marginal changes to the wording of its post meeting press release.  Following is a summary of the FOMC’s statement. Growth In a new development,...

G2G Impact

This Is How You Know If It’s “Good Debt” Or “Bad Debt”

Nicki Mirowski, CFP®
January 31, 2017

Knowing how to categorize your debt—whether it’s existing debt that you’re already paying off or new debt that you’re thinking about taking on—can help guide you if you’re unsure of which debt to target and pay down first or whether to incur a debt at all. Regardless of your debt situation, ask yourself these seven questions to determine what kind of debt you already have or are considering:

2017 Economic and Investment Outlook: Inflection Point

Dave Donabedian, CFA
January 26, 2017

What can we expect to see in 2017 following President-elect Donald J. Trump’s victory? One word: change. Soon after the election, Trump put forth his economic agenda, confirming his plans  for growth in the areas of energy, healthcare, defense and financials. In the Q1 edition of The Advisor, Atlantic Trust’s quarterly magazine, Atlantic Trust professionals Gary Pzegeo, CFA, head of...

Firm News

Atlantic Trust Heads to the Sunshine State for the 51st Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning

Paulina Mejia
January 24, 2017

Atlantic Trust was proud to be part of this year’s Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning, which took place the week of January 9 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center. The week-long program, one of the largest and most respected in estate planning, included over 140 exhibitors, as well as educational and professional development opportunities for all in attendance....

Wealth Strategies

Funding Education: Maximizing the Return on Your Education Investment

Michael Sherman
January 23, 2017

Families with college-bound children (and grandchildren) know that funding a four-year education isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. In fact, a recent Forbes article reported that the projected cost of attending an elite, four-year college could top $300,000 starting with the Class of 2021. Although there are a variety of planning tools and strategies available, higher education is still...

G2G Impact

6 Financial Practices to Share with Your Children This Holiday Season

Shady Jadali
December 19, 2016

  Sticking to a budget around the holidays is already a challenge, and trying to simultaneously set a positive financial example for your children raises the stakes even higher. However, teaching your children the value of money early on can establish a foundation of good financial habits that will last a lifetime. The holidays are an opportune time to teach your kids by “showing” rather...


Federal Reserve Raises Short Term-Rates by 0.25%

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
December 15, 2016

  The FOMC voted unanimously to increase the target range for Federal Funds to 0.5% - 0.75%, a move telegraphed by Fed officials and anticipated by the market. The Fed’s press release was largely unchanged from the November 2 meeting, excluding language referring to the new rate target and recent behavior in market implied inflation compensation.     Market analysts were...


OPEC Meeting in Vienna—Incremental Positive

Paul McPheeters, CFA
December 01, 2016

  The OPEC meeting this week ended in Vienna with a formal agreement similar to their announced plans two months prior. The headline is clearly positive in that this action accelerates the rebalancing process that was already underway. We would still argue however that this announcement should be viewed as a production freeze and not a production cut as we expect actual production to be...

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