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Why Do Investors Prefer Premium Bonds?

Dan Skolochenko
October 18, 2016

  A few years ago, I authored a white paper titled “Don’t Be Afraid of Premium Bonds” in response to a common concern of clients about the high premiums that municipal bonds carry. It’s a topic that continues to be relevant today as the low-yield environment in bond markets has pushed securities prices to historic highs.     Consequently, some clients have been taken by...

Wealth Strategies

Atlantic Trust and the Art of Collaboration

Paulina Mejia
October 11, 2016

  Wealth transfer planning is a complex process that almost always requires multiple perspectives and strategies from a team of advisors with multi-disciplinary skills. At Atlantic Trust, we’re very focused on helping our clients realize the possibilities of wealth instead of focusing on the possible burdens of it. But we’re also very aware, from years of working with clients, that there...

Firm News

2016 Investment and Political Outlook Series Concludes in Denver

Dave Donabedian, CFA
October 10, 2016

  There is no doubt that the 2016 presidential campaign has so far been a very unusual one, bringing with it plenty of surprises and looming questions about how exactly, when the votes are counted November 8, the aftermath may influence financial markets over the next several months.     That is why I was pleased to participate in the Atlantic Trust 2016 Investment and...

Wealth Strategies

6 Steps Couples Don’t Realize They Should Take When Merging Assets

Halsey Schreier
October 04, 2016

In many relationships, the process of merging assets starts long before marriage, especially considering that two-thirds of couples married in 2012 lived together for at least two years before marrying, an increase of more than 900% over the last 50 years. According to LearnVest (via Forbes),  only 16% of women and 18% of men who live with their significant other before marriage...

Firm News

Continuing the Conversation about Wealth Through Storytelling

Paulina Mejia
October 03, 2016

Last week, as a part of a three-day off-site meeting, members of the Atlantic Trust Wealth Strategies Group gathered in Atlanta to engage in a planning session to further our family legacy offering. The sessions built on lessons learned from training sessions held earlier this year.   Over the years, we have worked with many of our client families and their advisors to prepare their...


OPEC Meeting in Algiers—Small Positive—No Change in Forecasts

Paul McPheeters, CFA
September 30, 2016

  The OPEC meeting this week ended in Algiers with news that members had reached a tentative agreement to cut production, a decision that would be formalized at the November 30 meeting. The headline is clearly positive; however, we would argue that this announcement should be viewed as a potential production freeze and not a production cut.           ...

Firm News

Welcoming Two New Hires to Our West Palm Beach Office

Jack Markwalter
September 29, 2016

  We are pleased to welcome Karolina Bednarska and Nicole Stelzer to our growing team in West Palm Beach. Karolina is a business development officer and Nicole serves as an associate relationship manager. Both of these professionals join as vice presidents and add to our already strong team in Florida as we strive to be the “go-to” firm in the industry for both clients and talented...

G2G Impact

Your Interview Begins Before You Walk Through The Door

Michael Sherman
September 27, 2016

  Through its G2G Impact initiative, Atlantic Trust is pleased to partner with Michael Sherman, founder of Graduate to Employment. Previously, Michael discussed the disconnect between how job candidates and employers leverage social media during the employment search process. In today’s blog, Michael stresses to college-age millennials and their parents the importance of...

The Connection

Winners and Losers: Potential Election Impact on Market Sectors

Brant Houston, CFA
September 27, 2016

In this very political season, investors are increasingly focused on how the November election will impact the investment environment for 2017. In the upcoming issue of The Advisor, our quarterly newsletter, we cover potential consequences for the tax code as well as the economic implications for trade policy. Aside from these major macro issues, there could be industry-specific policy shifts...


No Change in the Federal Funds Rate

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
September 21, 2016

The FOMC left the target range for Federal Funds at 0.25%  - 0.50%.  Market implied odds of a rate hike stood at 22% prior to today’s release.  More Fed watchers anticipate a move at the December meeting.  Economic data, speeches by members of the FOMC, and the behavior of other major central banks all suggest a gradual move toward higher short-term rates in the coming...

G2G Impact

The World is Getting Smaller

Michael Sherman
September 21, 2016

Through its G2G Impact initiative, Atlantic Trust is pleased to partner with Michael Sherman, founder of Graduate to Employment. Previously, Michael stressed to college-age millennials and their parents the importance of finding next year’s internship opportunities now. In today’s blog, Michael discusses the disconnect between how job candidates and employers leverage social media during the...

Firm News

Dave Donabedian Leads “Election, Brexit and Terrorism” Panel

John Winslow, CFA
September 16, 2016

  Atlantic Trust CIO David Donabedian, CFA, was in Dallas earlier this week to participate in a panel discussion titled, “Uncertainty: The Election, Brexit and Terrorism,” as part of Pearson Partners’ quarterly Spotlight Series, which focuses on current events and business trends.     Dave served as the breakfast event’s lead panelist for an audience of more than 150 business...

Wealth Strategies

What Does Delaware Have to Do With Estate Planning?

Mark Gudaitis, CFA
September 14, 2016

  The tiny state of Delaware may claim the distinction of being “The First State,” but it has also been long known as a jurisdiction of choice for grantors of trusts. For generations, Delaware has:                   Built a trust-friendly body of legislation Supported its laws with a knowledgeable and effective court structure,...

Wealth Strategies

Your Guide to Financial Planning for the Unplannable

Ryan Christine Coulson
September 02, 2016

For many people, financial anxiety often comes from feeling unprepared for the “what if” situations. What can be worse is the sense of dread that follows when you suspect that you don’t have a strategy for those potential mishaps. While bumps in the road along your financial journey are practically inevitable, there is a way to reduce your stress and take control over those unplanned life...


6 Investment Risk Terms You Should Understand

Bryan Reilly
September 01, 2016

  The key to both wealth creation and wealth preservation over time is to minimize the risk of permanent capital loss.     When it comes to risk and wealth preservation, a highly critical point for most investors is to think long term, when appropriate, considering a client’s investment horizon. While market volatility can be unsettling, the market tends to eventually reward...

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