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Q3 2021 fixed income review

  • The Fed announced the beginning of a tapered asset purchase program in November with an anticipated wind-down by the middle of 2022. Following the Fed’s September meeting, markets began discounting an increase in short-term rates soon after the end of tapering.
  • Supply bottlenecks have lasted longer than policy makers expected, leading to a shift in risks toward inflation.
  • Employment growth is on track to meet the Fed’s projections by year-end, but labor force participation has been held back by several factors. The Fed will be looking for signs of maximum non-inflationary employment in the coming months before they consider raising short-term rates.

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Q3 2021 equity strategy performance

Investors encountered many events in the third quarter that resulted in various bouts of market volatility.

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Economic Outlook

Slower growth, but not slow

Has US economic growth run its course? Despite big spending proposals and expected tax changes out of Washington, as well as inflation, global credit and supply chain risks, our experts share why they expect growth to run above trend well into 2022.

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Ushering in the clean energy transition

When combining all renewable sources, 2019 marked the first year in the modern electric era that renewable energy surpassed coal in the US energy supply mix. In fact, countrywide annual energy consumption from coal has reached its lowest level since 1965 in the US.

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Simmering on the back burner: the national debt

The national debt of the United States is bigger than the American economy.

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Profitable summer … frenetic fall?

The stock market has experienced a remarkable run despite pockets of speculation around the fringes. What might change?

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China: Growth optimism despite geopolitical tensions

The Chinese government has recently escalated regulatory oversight of certain sectors and foreign listings. While this may be a cyclical phenomenon, the intensity of the current period may have some investors questioning the growth tradeoff in this market.

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Renewable natural gas evolution

Electric vehicles, solar panels, wind farms, and hydrogen and carbon sequestration are all hot topics for discussion when thinking about clean energy. What about landfill gas?

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The fiscal debate in Washington

Recently, President Joe Biden proposed the biggest expansion of the federal government’s role in the economy since the 1960s by laying out his tax policy pitch for both corporate and individual taxes. Our experts assess potential impacts on wealth planning and the financial markets.

Wealth planning

A look at Biden's (early) tax policy proposals

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Cryptocurrency insights

Bitcoin appeared seemingly out of nowhere and has since become the fastest-growing, best-performing asset/currency in the world. Bitcoin has received plenty of headline attention, yet it remains a mystery to experienced and casual investors alike.


Investment Insights

Emerging opportunities in emerging markets

CIBC Private Wealth International Equities Portfolio Manager Matt Scherer, CFA, sizes up and breaks down the opportunity set of this developing economic landscape.

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Expert Q&A series

Legacy of COVID-19

Key innovations that emerged during this pandemic will outlive it. Others are yet to reveal themselves but will surely be part of the legacy of COVID-19. CIBC Private Wealth is committed to bringing to you the perspective and insight of top thinkers in various fields on what the legacy of COVID-19 could be.


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