Investor insights

Three-part series

Elections & financial markets

In our election series, Chief Investment Officer Dave Donabedian, CFA, examines the past and present relationship between elections and financial markets to help shape a view into potential outcomes leading up to the November appointments.


Expert Q&A series

Legacy of COVID-19

Key innovations that emerged during this pandemic will outlive it. Others are yet to reveal themselves but will surely be part of the legacy of COVID-19. CIBC Private Wealth is committed to bringing to you the perspective and insight of top thinkers in various fields on what the legacy of COVID-19 could be.


2020 Quarterly Outlook

The markets recover. Will it last?



Adapting to a changed landscape

Our investment professionals highlight the key economic and market changes that we believe will likely occur in the aftermath of the COVID-19 recession. 


June 2020

Our healthcare analysts discuss the rapidly evolving landscape around the creation of a coronavirus vaccine and the possible development and investment implications.


May 2020

Head of Fixed Income Gary Pzegeo, CFA, describes the current state of the muni market and provides our outlook for investors in this space.


2020 Quarterly Outlook

This changes everything: Outlook for markets in the midst of a pandemic


The intentional recession: Markers along the road

March 2020

When will the economy begin to recover? CIBC Private Wealth Chief Investment Officer Dave Donabedian, CFA, provides insight into three critical issues: fiscal and monetary policy, Asian economies and the path of COVID-19 itself.


2020 Quarterly Outlook

The look ahead for the new decade



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