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Housing Is Finally Delivering a Boost to the Economy

Jay Pearlstein CFA
July 26, 2016

  In the movie “The Big Short,” based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book about Wall Street’s role in the housing boom and subsequent bust, there is the constant, incredulous refrain: “But housing is always stable... people don’t just not pay their mortgage... It will never collapse.” Bets upon bets upon bets later, it did happen, resulting in the Great Recession and Financial Crisis of...
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View from the top: A Q&A with The New York Times’ Joe Kahn

Jay Pearlstein CFA
November 03, 2016

  Whether it’s due to unpredictable global markets, high-stakes political events or the threat of terrorism, the world is often a volatile place. Keeping pace with new developments as they emerge is no easy task, giving journalists a heightened role in helping the public stay informed of what’s happening in the world around them.     One such journalist is Joe Kahn, veteran...

Other Countries Watch the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Jay Pearlstein CFA
November 08, 2016

  At a major bipartisan charity dinner held last month, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared the sentiment that this election cycle feels never-ending. In fact, Clinton said one of our priorities really should be to shorten these campaigns—an idea that was met with nods of approval.     A look at election cycles around the world suggests that they might be on to something....