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The Ebb and Flow of Regulatory Focus on Technology Companies

Sid Nargundkar, CFA
June 20, 2018

Download PDF   The recent Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, where a third-party firm abused the Facebook platform to gain access to the private data of millions of users, has increased the likelihood of significant regulatory actions against large technology companies. In order to contextualize the risk from the investment perspective, we will try to use history as a guide and develop...

Don’t Mistake Extremes in the Market for the Market Itself

Sid Nargundkar
April 30, 2014

High-multiple stocks in cloud computing and social media have fallen meaningfully from their recent peaks in an ongoing rotation to value. There had been some indications of speculative market behavior—for example, extremely high acquisition prices for private companies based primarily on non-financial metrics, and the sum total of consensus revenue estimates for individual social media...