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Tips for Moving Abroad During Retirement

Ryan Christine Coulson
2017-06-08 13:00:00.0

Some 400,000 retired Americans already live abroad and that number is growing. There can be benefits to retiring overseas, but it requires even more planning than retiring stateside.

Private Market Investing: Sizing Up the (Bigger) Opportunity Set

Dan Criscuolo
2017-06-07 13:00:00.0

Download PDF   Not too long ago, private equity investments were viewed as “exotic” investments. But in recent years, private equity has grown to become a mainstream part of institutional portfolios globally—generally ranging anywhere from 5% to 25% of portfolios’ assets. Key to this recent growth is the ability of private equity to generate attractive, long-term performance over...
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Linda Beerman Resumes Role as Head of CIBC Atlantic Trust’s Wealth Strategies Group

Eric Propper, CFA
2017-05-31 19:30:00.0

We are pleased to announce that Linda Beerman has resumed her role as head of the CIBC Atlantic Trust Wealth Strategies Group.
Wealth Strategies

Protect Existing Trusts and Other Assets with a Delaware Asset Protection Trust

Halsey Schreier
2017-05-25 14:15:00.0

How can Delaware benefit client families? One way is through the ability to create a “self-settled trust” that can protect assets from claims by creditors.
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Asset Allocation Committee Update

Dave Donabedian, CFA
2017-05-24 20:42:00.0

Download PDF   At its May meeting, the CIBC Atlantic Trust Asset Allocation Committee (AAC) determined that a higher relative allocation to developed international equity markets is appropriate under current market conditions. Developed international markets consist primarily of equities in Europe and Japan, which comprise over 85% of the MSCI Europe, Australia, Far East Index...
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An Active Debate on Passive Investing

John Tennaro, CIMA®
2017-05-24 19:41:00.0

There have been many existential debates about the “optimal” way to invest: growth stocks vs. value stocks, international vs. U.S.-only portfolios, and the list goes on. This type of discussion tends to crop up after one type of investment outperforms another type for a period of time, which leads some to declare that today’s winner will remain superior for years to come.
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Expecting? 5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Mother

Shady Jadali
2017-05-19 12:58:00.0

Remember that keeping your finances in order is not only beneficial for you—it’s important for your future children. Here are five things to consider before having a baby.
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What Does This "Me Generation" Really Want?

Kent Nossaman
2017-05-18 13:30:00.0

Millennials (aka Gen Yers), as a group, don’t have the best reputation. They’ve been referred to as egotistical, shallow and lazy. But, let’s be honest—throughout time, hasn’t the younger generation typically been discredited?
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Teachable Moments to Develop the Rising Generation

Josh Miller, CFP®
2017-05-16 13:21:00.0

Regardless of the lesson, fostering an environment that helps your children feel comfortable, recognized and valued is critical to their success.
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9 Important Financial Habits To Learn In Your 20s

Joe Waldvogel, CFP®, CAIA®
2017-05-12 13:00:00.0

The 20s are the first truly formative decade of your financial life. Of course, you learn from examples around you growing up, and some people end up on their own financially at an earlier age. However, for the most part, your 20s are when you’re managing your money and making financial decisions independently for the first time. In this decade, not only is it important to gain confidence...
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6 Things A Financial Advisor Can Help You With This Year

Gio Boccia, CFP®
2017-05-09 14:00:00.0

Understanding how to utilize your financial advisor and when to reach out to them takes time. An advisor can be an invaluable resource; he or she can help you chart a financial path that eases your money concerns and makes you proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far. As you figure out what the rest of 2017 looks like, you can decide what you’d like your advisor to support you...
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2017 and Beyond: Oil & Gas Outlook Event Speaker Series

John Winslow, CFA
2017-05-05 14:56:00.0

Texas has long been at the epicenter of all things energy-related, and the past several years have been challenging and volatile. With this in mind, CIBC Atlantic Trust held three events last week in Houston (the energy capital of the U.S.) and Dallas . These interactive, dynamic sessions involved more than 100 highly engaged participants. Speaking first was CIBC Atlantic Trust...

Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged, As Expected

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
2017-05-03 19:10:00.0

The FOMC elected to keep policy rates unchanged at its May 3rd meeting and their press release gave no indication that the Committee disagreed with current market expectations for another increase in June.  The Fed acknowledged weakness in first quarter data, but appears to expect it to be a temporary condition.  Following is a summary of the FOMC’s statement. Growth ...
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How To Teach Your Adult Child Good Financial Practices

Katie Bullen, CTFA
2017-05-01 14:00:00.0

A 2013 Cambridge University study found that children form a portion of their money habits by the age of seven. As a result, those conducting this research recommend teaching your kids good financial practices as early as possible. Here are nine ways to teach your adult child good financial practices:

After Healthcare Reform Failure, What’s Next for Tax Policy?

Dave Donabedian, CFA
2017-04-20 13:54:00.0

A summary of our Q2 Tax Policy and Investment Outlook Webinar.