Is Inflation Whipped?

Dave Donabedian, CFA
2017-08-24 13:22:00.0

In 1974, President Gerald Ford encouraged all Americans to wear "WIN" buttons (Whip Inflation Now) as a way to rally the country against the inflationary spiral that was causing major economic dislocations and rapidly rising interest rates. Fast forward to 2017, and today’s WIN button could stand for “Where’s Inflation Now?”
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Communication is the Key to a Healthy Family Wealth Culture

Ryan Christine Coulson
2017-08-24 13:00:00.0

Communication is the most vital component in any relationship, whether personal or professional because communication serves as the foundation of trust.
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Creating Your Family Legacy: An Introduction to Legacy Planning

Linda Beerman
2017-08-22 13:00:00.0

Wealth is not just money, and it takes much more than the simple accumulation of material assets to achieve success.
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4 Things You Need to Do Before Leaving for a Big Trip

Cathy Schnaubelt
2017-08-03 13:00:00.0

It’s unfortunate, but travel leaves your assets more vulnerable than you might think, so making financial plans in advance of your travel is crucial.

Recognizing the Value of Active Management

Dave Donabedian, CFA
2017-08-02 13:00:00.0

Back in May, we started a discussion on active vs. passive investing and argued that there are many instances in which active management is likely to deliver better results.

Federal Reserve Leaves Rates and Balance Sheet Unchanged

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
2017-08-01 13:00:00.0

The FOMC left its target range for federal funds unchanged at 1.0% to 1.25% and did not provide a launch date for its anticipated balance sheet reduction.
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Unclaimed Property: What It Is and Why It's Important

Jason Stoneman, CFA
2017-07-27 14:00:00.0

It’s important to have a clear view of your finances; it’s even fairly common to accidentally leave assets unnoticed.
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How to Prepare Financially for Cognitive Decline

Ryan Christine Coulson
2017-07-26 14:52:00.0

Here are three ways to prepare if you or a family member may be facing a disease characterized by cognitive decline.
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5 Financial Priorities to Pass on to Your Kids

Halsey Schreier
2017-07-18 14:56:00.0

Helping your children make financial decisions is a good thing, but it may be even better to teach them financial priorities that will guide their decision-making over the course of a lifetime.

CIBC Announces Agreement to Acquire Geneva Advisors

Jack Markwalter
2017-07-07 20:19:00.0

Download PDF   We are pleased to announce today that CIBC will be acquiring Geneva Advisors , a private wealth management firm headquartered in Chicago with US$8.4B in assets under management and a team of approximately 100 client-focused employees ( see press release ). They will join our CIBC Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management team when the transaction closes in the fourth...

Investors Beware…Of Investors

Scott Burg, CFA, CAIA
2017-06-29 13:30:00.0

Last month’s investment article highlighted the debate surrounding active vs. passive investment, framed by the notion that most professionally managed funds have struggled to keep up with indices in recent years.
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It’s Never Too Early to Plan

Judy Saxe, AEP®
2017-06-29 13:00:00.0

Summer is here, and your adult children may now be home from college, your child may be getting ready for his or her first post-college job or you may be helping a child prepare to leave for college for the first time.

Expanding Our Firm’s Services

Jack Markwalter
2017-06-26 20:38:00.0

We are pleased to announce that CIBC has completed its acquisition of PrivateBancorp, Inc. and its subsidiary, The PrivateBank.
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Selling Your Business: Early Planning Can Net Big Results

Ryan Christine Coulson
2017-06-21 14:00:00.0

If you’re thinking of selling your business, we often advise our clients to start with the end goal in mind.
G2G Impact

How To Financially Prepare For A Job Transition This Year

John Switchenko, CTFA
2017-06-15 16:37:00.0

Going through any job transition, whether it’s to start your own business, or to join a new company, is ultimately a risk. The easiest way to minimize that risk is to be financially prepared.