G2G Impact

The World is Getting Smaller

Michael Sherman
September 21, 2016

Through its G2G Impact initiative , Atlantic Trust is pleased to partner with Michael Sherman, founder of Graduate to Employment . Previously, Michael stressed to college-age millennials and their parents the importance of finding next year’s internship opportunities now . In today’s blog, Michael discusses the disconnect between how job candidates and employers leverage social media...
Firm News

Dave Donabedian Leads “Election, Brexit and Terrorism” Panel

John Winslow, CFA
September 16, 2016

  Atlantic Trust CIO David Donabedian, CFA, was in Dallas earlier this week to participate in a panel discussion titled, “Uncertainty: The Election, Brexit and Terrorism,” as part of Pearson Partners’ quarterly Spotlight Series, which focuses on current events and business trends.     Dave served as the breakfast event’s lead panelist for an audience of more than 150...
Wealth Strategies

What Does Delaware Have to Do With Estate Planning?

Mark Gudaitis, CFA
September 14, 2016

  The tiny state of Delaware may claim the distinction of being “The First State,” but it has also been long known as a jurisdiction of choice for grantors of trusts. For generations, Delaware has:                   Built a trust-friendly body of legislation Supported its laws with a knowledgeable and...
Wealth Strategies

Your Guide to Financial Planning for the Unplannable

Ryan Christine Coulson
September 02, 2016

For many people, financial anxiety often comes from feeling unprepared for the “what if” situations. What can be worse is the sense of dread that follows when you suspect that you don’t have a strategy for those potential mishaps. While bumps in the road along your financial journey are practically inevitable, there is a way to reduce your stress and take control over those unplanned life...

6 Investment Risk Terms You Should Understand

Bryan Reilly
September 01, 2016

  The key to both wealth creation and wealth preservation over time is to minimize the risk of permanent capital loss.     When it comes to risk and wealth preservation, a highly critical point for most investors is to think long term, when appropriate, considering a client’s investment horizon. While market volatility can be unsettling, the market tends to...

"Is It Over Yet?" Thoughts on the Election and Markets

Dave Donabedian, CFA
August 30, 2016

  More than a year after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump entered the presidential race, we still have over two months to go before Election Day. The “campaign season” has turned into a near-permanent state of affairs. A baby born on the day Clinton announced her candidacy will most likely be walking and talking by the election date, and a Major League...
G2G Impact

7 Important Financial Questions to Answer When Expecting a Child

Chris Lombardo, CFA
August 26, 2016

  Welcoming a new baby is not only a personal milestone, it’s also a financial milestone. In addition to choosing names and nursery colors, you need to start making crucial financial decisions for your family. Parents today confront challenges that previous generations did not, including student loan debt that has necessitated 43% of borrowers to delay having a family and social...
G2G Impact

It’s Time to Start Thinking About An Internship Next Summer

Michael Sherman
August 24, 2016

  Through its G2G Impact initiative , Atlantic Trust is pleased to partner with Michael Sherman, founder of Graduate to Employment . In last week’s blog post, Michael shared some startling facts about the current job market and their implications for the Class of 2016’s job prospects .     This week, the series continues with a discussion about the role of the...
Wealth Strategies

Why Your Family Needs a “Healthcare Emergency Plan”

Dianne Savastano
August 23, 2016

  If you are like me and grew up as an only child, it's simple.   I need to tend to  all  the responsibilities associated with a sick or hospitalized parent, including taking care of the second parent that I'm so fortunate to have. There's no discussion and no coordination of effort required: It's all mine!     For those who have siblings, sharing...
G2G Impact

G2G Impact: Own Your Graduation Transition Plan

Michael Sherman
August 16, 2016

  Despite uneven performance from the U.S. economy and mounting worries over the long-term economic impact of the Brexit vote held in June, there’s a silver lining for the class of 2016. Citing data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), CNBC reported that this year is shaping up to be one of the best job markets in recent years for college graduates. ...

Active Management: In Search of Outstanding Investment Ideas

Scott Burg, CFA, CAIA
August 11, 2016

  Given recent market performance, it could become quite easy to focus on short-term relative numbers, especially when comparing active vs. passive investment strategies. Although passive strategies tend to charge lower fees with mandates to match the performance of an index, investors should expect to almost fully capture market returns on the upside and to nearly match the index on...
Wealth Strategies

Examining Our Culture of Care With Gaby Bailey

Paulina Mejia
August 10, 2016

  The word “fiduciary” is commonly associated with the words “ethics,” “duty,” “prudence,” “loyalty” and—almost always—“trust.” No surprise there, as the word comes from the Latin fidere, to trust.     In the Q3 edition of The Advisor , Atlantic Trust’s quarterly magazine, we sit down with Chief Fiduciary Officer Gabrielle D. “Gaby” Bailey to gain a better...
Wealth Strategies

Incorporating Insurance Into Your Wealth Protection Plan

Susan Farris, CFA
August 05, 2016

  Insurance may very well be the only purchase a person makes without having any intention to use it. And yet, it plays an essential role in not only risk management, but also asset protection. Many different types of insurance are available for various circumstances, but today I would like to focus specifically on the subject of disability insurance.     Although...
Wealth Strategies

An 8-Step Plan To Creating A Budget You’ll Stick To

Katie Bullen, CTFA
August 04, 2016

  Regardless of your current life stage, most working professionals are likely to agree that managing and sticking to a budget can be one of the most valuable skills a person can have. Yet for millennials, particularly those who are still adjusting to the realities and responsibilities of adult life, the very idea of going on a budget can be enough to make the whole body cringe. ...

The Four Drivers of Success for Our Disciplined Equity Strategy

Brant Houston, CFA
August 03, 2016

  In managing our Disciplined Equity Strategy (DISE), we look for companies with characteristics that reflect quality, such as strong cash flows, proven management teams and leading competitive positions in attractive industries.     As a result of our focus on these qualities, DISE has been able to stand out from the pack in terms of its performance by generally...