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Protecting Elderly Family Members from Financial Exploitation

Paulina Mejia
April 13, 2016

In an earlier blog post , we discussed some of the implications and challenges associated with aging. In today’s post, we continue the conversation by taking a look at another dimension of this important topic—in particular, warning signs concerning financial manipulation of the elderly.   If you have elderly family members, you might have watched with horror as news stories have...
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Atlantic Trust Sponsors Houston's Bayou Bend Garden Party

Scott Caven
April 07, 2016

  Atlantic Trust was proud to again sponsor the Bayou Bend Garden Party, hosted at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston , on the evening of April 3.     This is the third year that our firm has sponsored the affair, which is recognized as one of the largest annual events in Houston. Altogether, the Garden Party raised $770,000—the highest amount ever—for the museum. ...
Wealth Strategies

The Financial Challenges of Parenthood

Chris Lombardo, CFA
April 05, 2016

  Having a child is an exciting stage in a family’s life. Of course, as is the case with any transition, there are certain worries that accompany these important milestones, particularly around finances.     Naturally, we all want our children to grow up in a stable world—one in which they are physically safe, emotionally nurtured and financially secure. But in the...
Women's CIRCLE

Women's CIRCLE: Developing a Philanthropic Legacy

Ryan Christine Coulson
March 31, 2016

  Last week, Atlantic Trust was pleased to host its first Women’s CIRCLE event of 2016 at One Market in San Francisco for an engaging discussion about philanthropy, fundraising and legacy.     Following a brief cocktail reception, I was delighted to welcome Ms. Eileen Murphy, senior director of university development for the University of California, San Francisco...
Wealth Strategies

3 Documents You Need for Your Parents and College-Age Children

Dianne Savastano
March 30, 2016

  Members of the baby-boom generation find ourselves managing our own healthcare needs along with those of our aging parents and our maturing children. This blog post discusses documents you should have in place to help make the process of managing the healthcare needs of others more streamlined and less frustrating.           ...
G2G Impact

Pay Down Debt or Save for Retirement?

Katie Bullen, CTFA
March 29, 2016

  It’s a catch-22 for many millennials beginning their careers or preparing for life’s other major milestones: Should you direct your financial resources toward paying down long-standing debts or adding to your retirement savings? Like many people, you may feel torn between the two.     As is the case with most financial questions, the answer will depend heavily on...
Women's CIRCLE

Millennial Women and Money, Part IV: Making a Difference

Melissa Donohue
March 24, 2016

  One of most rewarding things about having wealth is the opportunities it provides to help others and make a difference in the world. With careful planning and strategy, you can focus your philanthropic or charitable efforts on the causes that are most important to you, while also building out a balanced wealth plan for yourself and future generations.     To that...
Wealth Strategies

Aging, Cognition and Capacity: Caring for Aging Family Members

Paulina Mejia
March 23, 2016

  Whether you reside hundreds of miles away from your loved ones or just around the corner, you may find yourself at some point having to take on more responsibilities on their behalf as they age.     Many of our clients are dealing with aging parent issues, including the early signs of dementia. In addition, we have aging clients who want to make sure that we as a...
Wealth Strategies

It Is Never Too Early to Plan

Judy Saxe, AEP®, CAP®
March 22, 2016

  Your child is now 18. Congratulations!  It is a milestone age for both parents and children. It can also be a highly emotional time. For parents, your son or daughter may soon be leaving for college, travel or work, and the family dynamics will inevitably change. For the teenager, he or she is now a legal adult, eligible to vote and own property and to make financial and...

Reversal of Fortune

Dave Donabedian, CFA
March 22, 2016

        To beset or victimize in two opposite ways at once… (Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary)     The S&P 500 Index is about where it was 18 months ago. Due to rising volatility and sector rotation, however, there have been all sorts of ways to make and lose money over this time. Even within the first quarter of 2016, we have...

Investment Opportunities: Terms and Concepts to Know

Brant Houston, CFA
March 22, 2016

  Last week, CNBC reported that a majority of America’s 80 million millennials are not active in the stock market. Though the article cited a lack of funds as one reason for what it calls a “generation gap” in investing, MarketWatch suggests that lack of financial education may also be a contributing factor.     Rest assured—this is not rocket science, even if...
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Millennial Women and Money, Part III: Protecting Your Wealth

Melissa Donohue
March 18, 2016

  Building wealth in any life stage is as much about protecting your wealth as it is about growing it. As we discussed last week in Part II of this series , investing your money is key to growing it, and plenty of tools exist to help you protect your wealth, as well. Of course, leveraging the expertise of a trusted advisor can help in this area also.      ...

Investment Brief: No Change in the Federal Funds Rate

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
March 17, 2016

  As expected, the Federal Open Market Committee voted to maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 0.25% to 0.50%.  The Fed’s statement included some marginal adjustments to growth and inflation when compared to its January release, but the accompanying Summary of Economic Projections lowered expectations for short-term rates.     Following is a ...
Firm News

Atlantic Trust Honored at 2016 Family Wealth Report Awards

Jack Markwalter
March 16, 2016

  We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Trust received two awards at the 2016 Family Wealth Report awards ceremony held on March 10 in New York:                   Leading individual (multi-family office) : David L. Donabedian, CFA Multi-family office (client initiative) for the firm’s G2G Impact,...
G2G Impact

10 Easy Steps to Get Organized for Tax Time

Mary Beth Storjohann
March 15, 2016

If you’re like me (and most Americans), taxes can be a bit more involved than a simple click, click, add, add and, poof , done, like some of these crazy tax solution commercials might lead you to believe. Instead, tax time probably includes bang, bang, kick, kick, facepalm and, phew , done! I may not be able to make tax preparation your idea of a fun Friday night, but I can offer...