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Living and Dying in a Digital World

Josh Miller, CFP®
August 05, 2015

In addition to our lives in the “real world,” many of us also maintain assets in the digital realm. But in keeping up with the constant barrage of password changes, the opening and closing of online accounts and the latest trends on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, probably few of us stop to think about how these assets fit into our overall estate plans. Given the...

Understanding Socially Responsible Investing

John Tennaro, CIMA®
July 29, 2015

  Our everyday lives consist of making decisions that are greatly influenced by our experiences and principles. These ideals help us determine what we want to be a part of and what we want to avoid. When this concept was applied to investing, it helped create what we now know as “socially responsible investing” (SRI).     SRI is a unique approach that often begins...
Wealth Strategies

Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Becky Milliman
July 22, 2015

  Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court again addressed the issue of same-sex marriage, this time in a series of cases collectively known as Obergefell v. Hodges . The Court also addressed this issue in 2013, in United States v. Windsor , where in that case, the Supreme Court held that a marriage between a same-sex couple shall be recognized for purposes of federal law if the marriage was...
Firm News

The Best Defense Against Unwanted Healthcare Surprises

Dianne Savastano
July 08, 2015

  My dad arrived home from Florida on May 15 in preparation for a June 1 surgery date for a total hip replacement. During that brief period, we attended two physician appointments, an educational class specifically on the topic of hip replacements and pre-admission testing. We also prepared for the remote possibility that following the surgery, he would need short-term rehabilitation...
G2G Impact

Optimizing for Revenue and Joy

Jenny Blake
June 30, 2015

  How often do you come down with a case of “the Mondays”? It can be a strange feeling to avoid your to-do list on a big project when you run your own business or side hustle. If you are the one calling the shots on schedule and strategy, shouldn’t it be energizing much more often than not?     However, for one reason or another, we often let fear and "shoulds"...

He For She: How Fathers Matter

Melissa Donohue
June 24, 2015

  [ Note: This blog was written by Melissa Donohue, a financial education specialist. In addition to being the founder of Financial Nutrition, Melissa   also serves as an external expert and strategic consultant for Atlantic Trust’s Women’s CIRCLE program. Her original post first appeared on  financialnutrition.com   and is reprinted here with ...

Atlantic Trust Launches Women's CIRCLE

Linda Beerman
June 17, 2015

  We are pleased to announce the launch of Atlantic Trust’s Women’s CIRCLE (Centered on Investments, Relationships, Community, Legacy and Enterprise) program, a financial literacy program to inform and empower women about critical wealth management topics.     Through a combination of special events, educational content and other resources, CIRCLE aims to equip women...
Wealth Strategies

7 Money Moves Financially Savvy Couples Should Make

Mary Beth Storjohann
June 10, 2015

  7 Money Moves Financially Savvy Couples Should Make     [ Note: The following post was written by Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP®, a writer, speaker, financial coach and the founder of   Workable Wealth . Mary Beth specializes in working with individuals and couples in their 20s and 30s and was recently featured as the keynote speaker for Atlantic Trust’s...

Podcast: Connecting Capital with Impact

John Tennaro, CIMA®
June 08, 2015

  While philanthropy continues to be an enormous force in promoting the welfare of others, it is investor capital that has always had the power to inspire, transform and persuade others to do more. Often tagged as “socially responsible” or “mission-related,” investing in a purposeful manner that seeks more than just financial reward is a growing trend. It can...
Firm News

Welcoming New Senior Hires in California and Texas

Jack Markwalter
June 03, 2015

  We are very pleased to announce two team additions and two appointments that will enhance the client experience and drive growth in our Texas and California offices:     • John W. Winslow, CFA, recently joined the firm as senior relationship manager and managing director, overseeing the Dallas and Austin regions     • Mark E. Frazier, CFA, ...
Wealth Strategies

13 Money Tips for Parents to Be

Mary Beth Storjohann
May 27, 2015

  [ Note: The following post was written by Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP®, a writer, speaker, financial coach and the founder of Workable Wealth . Mary Beth specializes in working with individuals and couples in their 20s and 30s and was recently featured as the keynote speaker for Atlantic Trust's G2G After Hours event. The original post first appeared on her blog at ...

Understanding the Internet of Things

David Papp
May 20, 2015

  If you’re a complete newbie to the world of technology, you might find yourself scratching your head when you hear about “The Internet of Things.” In this post, I’ll shed a little light on this modern phenomenon that’s all about increasing interconnectivity in virtually all aspects of our day-to-day living.   First of all, what is the Internet of Things?   ...
Wealth Strategies

Prenuptial Agreements: What to Know Before Tying the Knot

Paulina Mejia
May 13, 2015

      For many couples, getting married is an exciting time filled with reflection, anticipation and hope. More than the union itself, marriage is an opportunity for two people to experience all the things that life has to offer while building a new future together.     Despite all the best intentions that accompany a new marriage, however, we...
Wealth Strategies

When Should You Start Planning for Medical Expenses in Retirement?

Art Graper, CFP®
May 06, 2015

  According to CNBC , the Healthcare Research Institute projected in June 2014 that average healthcare expenses are expected to rise at a rate of 6.8% in 2015. The impact of these rising costs is of particular concern for retirees, for whom healthcare spending generally increases with age as the need for care increases.     Of course, the rising cost of...

FOMC Meeting Uneventful, As Anticipated by Markets

Gary Pzegeo, CFA
April 29, 2015

  The FOMC conceded that recent economic activity has been hampered by transitory factors and made no change to policy. Markets were expecting this to be an uneventful meeting, since the Fed previously stated that the April meeting was not likely to be one at which rates were increased. Following is a summary of the statement the Fed released.       ...