Our Winning Approach

Investment management for our clients means to offer a broad opportunity set across asset classes, global geographic regions and managers because we know from experience that is the best way to preserve and grow your assets. Yet, for your portfolio, we think locally—about your family and your goals and needs, and give you a customized investment portfolio that brings to you the best from the world’s investment opportunities and managers.

Our investment platform has been repeatedly recognized for excellence within the industry:

Open Architecture

At CIBC Private Wealth Management, we are open to excellent investment ideas for our clients, whether they emanate from our select number of internal strategies or from external managers after thorough due diligence. We’re committed to a disciplined asset allocation process and a broad, globally diversified investment offering. We don’t succumb to the “not invented here” mindset that can limit portfolio opportunities.

The Case for Active Management

While passive strategies tend to charge lower fees with mandates to match the performance of an index, investors should expect to almost fully capture market returns on the upside and to nearly match the index on the downside, as well.

On the other hand, active managers tend to be more expensive than passive strategies but can look quite different from their benchmarks. It is this differentiation that offers the potential to perform quite differently than the index—both in positive and negative market environments.

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CIBC Atlantic Trust Open Architecture

This is a generalization of asset classes and is for illustrative purposes only.

David L. Donabedian

Chief Investment Officer, CIBC Private Wealth Management

“A guiding principle of our investment offerings to our clients is: Would we buy this for ourselves? This is particularly true for our internal, proprietary strategies, which are based on what we believe is differentiated expertise inside the firm. All internal strategies must meet a high bar for the competition within their investment categories. Because we combine that standard with the breadth of knowledge on our Multi-Manager Investment Team, which researches global external managers across a wide range of asset classes, we have something unique and incredibly strong.”   Contact Dave

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