Q1 2019
Seven Important Questions About the Economy and Markets
  • A Letter From the CEO
  • Behavioral Finance: It's All in Your Mind
  • Midterm Election 2018: Policy and Market Implications
  • Estate Planning: Relevant and Relatable
  • Case Study: Helping a Company–and Its Executives–Through Transition
Q3 2018
A Sunny and Windy Forecast
  • In Partnership (Listen to audio excerpt)
  • A View From the Inside: Disruptive Companies Are Everywhere. Or Maybe Not.
  • A Sunny and Windy Forecast: Clean Energy Moves Into the Mainstream (Listen to audio excerpt)
  • Second Chances: The Importance of Post-Mortem Planning (Listen to audio excerpt)
  • Women's CIRCLE: Preparing for Life Transitions
  • Uncovering the Facts: Discovering the Differences Among Estate Planning Documents
Q2 2018: Inflation
Hello Again?
Q1 2018
What's Ahead in 2018
  • View From the Inside: Biotechnology
  • Do You Need a Prenup?
  • G2G Impact: New Thinking, New Initiatives
  • Uncovering the Facts: Estate Planning

Q4 2017: Complementing Our Offering: Private Banking Solutions
  • Q&A With Larry Richman
  • In Algorithms We Trust: What Is This Thing Called Bitcoin?
  • Show Me the Money: What's Really in Your Executive Compensation Package?
  • An Expanded Offering: Private Banking Solutions Complement Wealth Management
  • Takeaway: Quiet Trusts
Q3 2017: Foresight: Thinking About the Unthinkable
  • From the Desk of Jack Markwalter
  • View From "Out There": Q&A With Futurist Jack Uldrich
  • Yours, Mine and Ours: Estate Planning for Blended Families
  • Is Active Management Still Relevant?
  • G2G Impact Best Practices: Evolve a Healthy Family Wealth Culture
Q2 2017: Private Market Investing: Sizing Up the (Bigger) Opportunity Set
  • What Does This "Me Generation" Really Want?
  • Planning for a Liquidity Event
  • Teachable Moments to Develop the Rising Generation
  • Delaware's Trust Laws on Self-Settled Asset Protection
Q1 2017: Inflection Point
  • Telling Our Family Story: Q&A With CEO Jack Markwalter
  • 2017 Economic and Investment Outlook
  • Estate Planning Post-Election: Goodbye Estate Tax?
  • Tax Reform: What, When and How
Q4 2016: Election 2016: Candidates' Policies From Taxes to Trade
  • Q&A With The New York Times' Managing Editor
  • Globalization 2.0: What's Next?
  • G2G Impact: What Do We Tell the Children?
  • Delaware's Directed Trusts
Q3 2016: Boom, Bust, Recovery
  • Brainfood: What We're Reading, Thinking & Discussing
  • The Art of Collaboration in Wealth Planning
  • A Fiduciary Culture: Q&A With Gabrielle Bailey
  • The Tax Benefits of Delaware Trust Law
Q2 2016: Investment Roundtable: Minds Over Markets
  • A "Principled" Pathway to Success
  • Election 2016: Who Will Be Next in the White House?
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts: A New Look at an Old Strategy
  • A Long-Term Trust for Long-Term Planning
Q1 2016: What's Ahead for 2016: Economic and Investment Outlook
  • With Inspired Gratitude: Q&A With CEO Jack Markwalter
  • Aging Wisely: Understanding the Implications of Cognition and Capacity
  • Financial Elder Abuse: The Dark Side of Aging and Finance
  • The Social Security Surprise
Q4 2015: A Global View: What Does China's Slowdown Mean?
  • Helping Families With "Moral Imagination"
  • Taxes and Your Wealth: It's Complicated
  • The Finality of "Obergefell"
  • Your Wealth and Your Taxes: Don't Overlook Year-End Tax Tactics
Q3 2015: Socially Responsible Investing
  • A View From the Top: Q&A With Jeff Rudder of Young Life
  • Trustee Selection: It's a Matter of Trust
  • Taking a Stand: Socially Responsible Investing
  • Living and Dying in a Digital World
Q2 2015: Delaware: Big Trust Advantages
  • Bringing Women Into the CIRCLE
  • Leaking Oil: Winners and Losers
  • Quick Smarts
  • "Permanent" Estate and Tax Planning Strategies—Maybe Not
Q1 2015: How to Have G2G Impact and Create Sustainable Wealth
  • A Winning Mindset: A Q&A With Jack Markwalter
  • What You Need to Know About 4 Big Ideas That Cross the Generations
  • A Year of (More) Normalization
  • Online Security: Leaky or Locked Down?
Q4 2014: A Key to Global Investment Opportunity
  • Think Tank: Connecting Young People Passionate for a Cause
  • Election 2014: A View from the Inside
  • A Key to Global Investment Opportunity
  • Untangling a Web of Entities
  • Selling the Family Business: The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Taxes
Q3 2014: Connecting the Dots - How Atlantic Trust Invests in the Next Big Tech Revolution
  • Trending Upward
  • Technology: A View from the Top
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Not Your Parents' Estate Planning
  • Brainfood
  • Minimizing the Net Investment Income Tax
  • Q&A With Tom Noonan
Q2 2014: The Health of Healthcare (PDF)
  • Think Tank: The Big Picture
  • The C-Suite: A View from the Top
  • The Health of Healthcare: Investment Opportunities and Risks
  • Social Security and Medicare: That Certain Age
  • Takeaway: Things to Know About Social Security and Medicare in 2014
Q1 2014: A Look Ahead (PDF)
  • Think Tank: 2013—A Milestone Year
  • 2014 Reflections and Expectations
  • Still in the Family: Family Dynamics in a Family Business
  • Takeaway: China: The One—The Big One—To Watch
Q4 2013: Rethinking Hedge Funds (PDF)
  • Has Europe Got Its Groove Back?
  • Rethinking Hedge Funds
  • Letting Go of the Family Business
  • Takeaway: What does Windsor Mean for Same-Sex Marriages?
Q3 2013: Another Market Peak or Room to Run? (PDF)
  • Think Tank: Housing Tips into an Economic Driver—Finally
  • Retirement: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  • Takeaway: Atlantic Trust's Wealth Strategies Group on President Obama's 2014 Proposal
Q2 2013: Taming the Infation Tiger (PDF)
  • Takeaway: Atlantic Trust Investments: A Leading Edge
  • Think Tank: Age Wave: Where Women's Work Is Never Done
  • Age Wave: Transitioning into Later Life
Q1 2013: Invest for the Future (PDF)
  • Think Tank: Q & A with Jack Markwalter
  • Invest for the Future: 2013 and Beyond – Your Wealth, Family and Legacy
  • Strategic Giving: Philanthropy with Purpose
  • Five Things You Need to Know Now About Emerging Markets
Q4 2012: Concentrated Holdings (PDF)
  • Think Tank: Credit Opportunities Funds: Taking Advantage of the Credit Hangover
  • Unlocking a Concentrated Holding
  • Real Estate: Gift It While You Can
Q3 2012: Energy – The New Gold Rush (PDF)
  • Think Tank: Politics, Policy and a Presidential Election
  • Financial Self-Defense: Parts 2 and 3
  • The New Gold Rush
Q2 2012: Financial Self-Defense (PDF)
  • Think Tank: A Deep Bench – and Deep Thinkers
  • Mid-Cap Growth: Pulling Ahead of the Pack
  • Go Big: What to Read, Watch and Listen To
Q1 2012: Elections and the Financial Markets (PDF)
  • Think Tank with Jack Markwalter
  • Loving Union, Legal Contract
  • Is Now the Right Time for a Lifetime Credit Shelter Trust?
Q4 2011: Europe – Down and Out? (PDF)
  • The 20-Somethings: A Decade of Teachable Moments
  • Social Media: More Ways to Connect with Atlantic Trust
  • 2011 Year-end Tax Planning Reminders
Q3 2011: It's Not about the Money (PDF)
  • The Big D: Deficit
  • Women and Wealth
  • Atlantic Trust Recognized as Top U.S. Wealth Management Firm
Q2 2011: The State of States (PDF)
  • Commodities and Your Portfolio
  • Families and Family Businesses
  • Atlantic Trust Recognized as Industry Leader
Q1 2011: Expanding the Search for Income (PDF)
  • Vital Signs and Building Blocks
  • The "C" Suite: Serving Multigenerational Families
  • Atlantic Trust Attracts Top Talent
Q4 2010: Politics, Policy and Your Portfolio (PDF)
  • A Year for Reform—But Not Necessarily for Taxes
  • The Economy, the Markets and the "Other" View on Gridlocks
  • An Ongoing Focus on Our Client Experience
Q3 2010: A Culture of Care (PDF)
  • A Culture of Care: What Does Being a Fiduciary Mean?
  • The Many Dimensions of Risk
  • Putting "Energy" into an Investment Strategy
Q2 2010: A Virtuous Circle (PDF)
  • Investing in Quality
  • A Virtuous Circle
  • The Most Meaningful Legacy: A Gift to Giver and Receiver
Q1 2010: Delivering On Our Commitments (PDF)
  • Delivering On Our Commitments: Q&A with Jack Markwalter
  • Thinking Globally: A 21st Century Imperative
  • A Family Affair: Strengthening the Ties That Bind
Q4 2009: Health Care Reform (PDF)
  • Health Care Reform
  • A Team for All Seasons: When are 15 heads better than one?
  • It's Not Just About Harvard Anymore: A Discussion with the Multi-Manager Alternatives Team
Q3 2009: Inflection Points (PDF)
  • Inflection Points: Anticipation and Focus
  • The State and Stages of Recovery—and Beyond
  • Seeking a Silver Lining in the Downturn
Q2 2009: Yesterday's News (PDF)
  • Yesterday's News, Tomorrow's New Opportunities
  • 2009 Outlook: Stimulus, Stability, and Strategy
  • Income Opportunities: A Conversation with the Investment Team