Expertise, stability and permanence

What it means to be a fiduciary

Many families of substantial means employ a variety of trusts as a component of their comprehensive wealth management. We recognize the value that an experienced and knowledgeable trustee—always serving with fiduciary care and responsibility—brings to the goals of their wealth planning.

Through our CIBC National Trust Company, we have authority to serve as a professional trustee throughout the country. This authority provides us with the flexibility to serve our clients regardless of where they live in the U.S. and establish their trusts, and no matter where their children or grandchildren relocate.

Additionally, when our clients’ wealth planning calls for the trust benefits afforded by Delaware law, we have the ability, through the CIBC Delaware Trust Company, to meet those special planning needs. For generations, Delaware has built a trust-friendly body of legislation and has supported its laws with a knowledgeable and effective court structure. Unlike many jurisdictions that are newer to the trust scene, Delaware boasts a robust community of seasoned trust professionals, along with accountants and attorneys who specialize in trusts.

Gabrielle D. Bailey

Chief Fiduciary Officer

“Being a trustee is the absolute best part of our business because it’s often the most personal part of our business. It’s very rewarding to watch the stories of our families unfold. Managing trusts as an integral part of the family reflects accurately our firmwide culture of care for families and our relationships with them.” Contact Gaby

Why CIBC Private Wealth as Trustee

Clients who select our firm to serve as trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee of their trusts can count on expertise and capabilities as well as stability and strength. This stability is especially helpful for multi-generational planning, where continuity in trust administration is so important. Our guiding principle is to understand the intention of the creator of the trust in providing for the trust beneficiaries as expressed in the trust agreement and to fulfill that intention.


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Trustee responsibilities

A key element of our fiduciary model is the relationship we have with our client families. Trusts that you create for your next generations, as well as trusts that may have been created for you by previous generations, are all managed as a part of your family’s comprehensive wealth picture. Trust assets are invested in a way that coordinates with overall family asset allocation, and the terms of trusts are carried out with personal knowledge of the needs and resources of your family members.

Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Actively manage a trust’s liquid assets to carry out the trust’s long-term goals
  • Provide fiduciary expertise in the oversight of illiquid assets, such as real estate, business interests and other unique assets

Trust Administration

Trust Administration

  • Interpret and carry out the stated intentions of the creator of the trust
  • Balance the often competing interests of multiple beneficiaries
  • Objectively and equitably avoid and resolve conflicts among beneficiaries without bias or undue emotion

Accounting & Tax Reporting

Accounting & Tax Reporting

  • Maintain trust accounting systems
  • Provide proper record keeping and reporting to beneficiaries and taxing authorities