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Goals are great. Plans are better.

Estate Planning Fundamentals

Realize your wealth’s purpose

Considering, and documenting, how you wish to use your wealth today and in the future provides you with the best planning and with a sense of satisfaction and joy about the use of your wealth.

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Income Tax

Make sense of the income tax rules

Understanding the tax rules and how they interact with each other and your situation can help with financial decision-making.

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Lifetime Gift Planning

Maximize the use of your wealth today

Learning your options for lifetime gifts can help you to choose the best planning for you and your family.

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Supporting the Next Generation’s Education

Fund a big expense

There are many ways to help fund current and future education costs. Understanding the options will allow you to select the ones that make the most sense for your family.

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Fiduciary Offering

Choose the right trustee

Understanding the role, duties and responsibilities of a trustee is a key in selecting the right one for your family.

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CIBC Trust Company of Delaware

Take advantage of trust-friendly laws

If you are seeking to create a long-term trust relationship for your family, learning about the advantages of Delaware can help you choose the right jurisdiction for you.

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The Privately Held Business

Plan for transition

Business owners eventually must face the question “What next?” Considering the options, and their impact, well in advance of a transition event will put you in the best position to effectively transition your privately held business interest in the manner you choose.

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Effective Philanthropy

Make a difference through charitable giving

Developing a path to achieve your philanthropic goals can be an effective, and rewarding, way to make a difference.

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Legacy Planning

Create a lasting impact

Taking the opportunity to define, reflect on and express what wealth really means to your family puts you in the best position to create a meaningful and sustainable legacy .

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Family Office Services

Simplify wealth’s complexities

Wealth and its complexities require management that recognizes and responds to the big picture and the small details.

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Preserving Family Wealth

Protect what you have built

Whether you created your wealth or inherited it, preserving wealth for yourself and future generations requires sound investment management and a thoughtful wealth protection strategy.

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The Practical Side of Aging Wisely

Prepare Today for Personal Freedom Tomorrow

Proactive planning to address wealth transfer, potential cognition and capacity issues, and management of healthcare can give you the freedom to enjoy the people and activities you love as you move into the next phase of your life.

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The Financial Side of Retirement Planning

Plan Today for Financial Freedom Tomorrow

Planning in advance for your retirement needs is the key to meeting your goals and realizing your dreams for your next chapter.

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Administration of Estates

Demystify a daunting process

For those with little experience dealing with the estate settlement process, overseeing a loved one’s estate can not only be emotionally difficult, but a daunting and overwhelming task.

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