Health Insurance and Benefit Selection

Things to consider

Choosing a healthcare plan is one of those tasks in life that many of us dread. The process is often unfamiliar and daunting, especially for young people, which may be why so many wish they could avoid it altogether.

But understanding your healthcare options and how to choose them is important, because going without insurance or choosing the wrong plan—one that doesn’t meet your medical needs--could lead to severe, unexpected and expensive consequences.

While navigating the health insurance system can be complicated, the first step to choosing the right plan is getting informed.

In this episode, we chat with Dianne Savastano, founder and principal of Healthassist, a Massachusetts-based personal healthcare consulting firm, about how young people can navigate the complexities of the health insurance landscape and the factors to consider when establishing a health insurance plan.

If you are shopping for your first plan, just signed up with your employer-sponsored plan or are the parent of a young person that you want to help educate, listen to the podcast for more information about how to navigate the health insurance landscape. 

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