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Your overall wealth consists not only of your assets but also your reputation, your online security, your household and your personal safety. Understanding the risks to that overall wealth and the tactics to address those risks can help you preserve your family wealth.

Protecting your wealth:
asset protection

Asset protection may cover everything from how assets are owned and titled, to how they’re insured and protected, to how they can be efficiently managed. As you think about protecting your family's assets, there are some tactics that may be right for you and your family.

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Protecting who you are:
reputation risk

Given the online world in which we live today, it can be easy for an individual's reputation to be damaged. Luckily, there are certain considerations that can help you protect your reputation.

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Protecting what you have built: household, liability and online risk

Safeguarding family wealth requires recognizing, acknowledging and preventing exposure to risks—and risks come in all shapes and forms, including people, computers or legal actions. All have the potential to damage your financial security and your family’s wealth.

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Protecting those you love:
personal safety risk

There are many types of personal security risks that you and your family may face. Being aware of and managing such risks can help you feel empowered rather than fearful. The process for assessing your risk should follow a clear methodology that identifies areas of vulnerability, followed by a plan for eliminating or reducing those vulnerabilities.

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Protecting what is yours: financial risks of divorce

Prenuptial agreements shouldn’t be thought of as an exit plan for a marriage or “just” a legal document, but rather a conversation that can help a couple to understand what they could be facing in their marriage and decide for themselves how to handle their financial affairs. Certain considerations may help you decide if a prenuptial agreement is right for you.

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Additional resources

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