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Our strategic approach to relationship banking

With an understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish with your assets, we put the most appropriate strategies into place to complement your comprehensive wealth planning. Banking solutions are customized to your unique financial profile. Private banking solutions are provided by CIBC Bank USA. 


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Aligned to your objectives and wealth plan

Marketable secured lines of credit

Take advantage of new investment opportunities with a line of credit, giving you access to liquidity. Typically, there are no costs or fees until the line is drawn, and your account incurs no capital gains until assets are sold. A line of credit is a bridge to more permanent financing, which can allow you to maintain your current strategy without the untimely sale of assets. 

Tailored lending

Reach for new opportunities while diversifying concentrations and implementing tailored tax strategies. Our banking solutions enable you to fund large purchases—such as aircraft, art, residential real estate—or investments in business or real estate. We create a customized plan to establish alternate funding for family distributions and lifetime gift planning.

Residential mortgages

Broaden your opportunities with residential financing options for remodeling your home or purchasing a secondary home. Our lending programs can help you free up capital with long-term, low fixed-rate mortgages. You can also support children or grandchildren who want to purchase a first home and start building a strong credit rating.

Deposit solutions

Manage your operating and strategic cash with the help of our service professionals. Our flexible banking options cover everything from business checking accounts to treasury management for family office needs.

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the right team of CIBC experts to craft
tailored, holistic solutions


your needs, financial profile and wealth structure


for your evolving goals, proactively considering your overall wealth structure and long-term planning



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Case study

  • Several years ago, Ava’s parents helped her buy a home, which was financed through the family’s LLC. However, Ava’s parents, George and Sue, now want to transfer the home’s financing to a bank and dissolve the LLC.

  • George, Sue and Ava meet with a CIBC private banker. George and Sue’s LLC originally owned multiple assets. Over time, those assets were sold, and ownership of the LLC is now split.

    George and Sue are interested in simplifying their finances by dissolving the LLC and transferring Ava’s loan. However, Ava has never used a credit card or carried debt, so she has no credit history. Her current source of income is distributions from a trust and a modest salary.

    Ava wants to be able to build credit while managing her home expenses.

  • Ava uses a committed marketable secured line of credit (MSL) to purchase her home from the LLC.

    The MSL is opened for three times the amount of cash due at closing. Ava’s credit score now reflects a percentage of the credit limit borrowed, and she sets up automatic, interest-only payments to avoid any past-due fees. After a year of making payments on time, Ava applies for a portfolio mortgage to pay off the MSL balance and fix the interest rate.

    After selling this last asset, George and Sue can now dissolve the LLC.

  • Ava now owns her home and has an established credit history. George and Sue no longer need to worry about the LLC, and they are one step closer to solidifying their estate plan.

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Person Feature Dan Sullivan

Daniel E. Sullivan Jr.

Head of Private Banking

"What I enjoy most about banking is working with individuals and families every day to provide options that make their lives easier. Whether we’re helping someone secure a mortgage to purchase a new home or establish a line of credit to take advantage of an opportunity in the marketplace, the ability to efficiently deliver creative, high-quality solutions is a critical component of our approach to wealth advice. Of course, our focus is not only on delivering these solutions, but most important is to deepen the relationships we serve—that’s what differentiates us from others and what makes our business so rewarding."


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