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With a mission to enhance the opportunities and rewards in our clients’ financial lives, we help organize, facilitate and make understandable the complexities of wealth ownership. Importantly, our expertise and decades of experience has taught us:

What makes families successful at the business of wealth ownership and transition across the generations.

How to guide business owners through a leadership transition or sale, and subsequent management of liquidity.

How to help clients apply those lessons to build a healthy wealth culture and lasting family legacy.

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Our multi-faceted approach

CIBC Family Office meets the needs of ultra high-net-worth, multi-generational families, generally with over $50 million in assets under management. Our dedicated team leverages a tailored approach to deliver the following—and more.






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Personal financial management

Turn the personal over to a professional

The key word in personal financial management is “personal.” For each client family, and each individual within the family, that may take on a different meaning. However, we find that a number of elements have universal application, and we have developed a methodology for making complexity more understandable.

Investment and property management

It’s all about allocation

The investment world has become larger and more complex—products are sophisticated, due diligence and monitoring are complicated, the global geopolitical environment changes rapidly, investment transparency is not always... well, transparent. We have a three-part investment value proposition—a rigorous process for setting asset allocation strategies, proven internal investment management capabilities, and a broad and robust open architecture platform.

Our investment process includes master custody and administration service for assets not under management, as well as oversight of privately held investments, including businesses, real estate, venture capital, art, aircraft and more.

Fiduciary services

Put your trust in a trustee

‘Fiduciary’ derives from the Latin word, fidere “to trust”.  A fiduciary has numerous administrative and technical responsibilities, but above all, it is a relationship that involves trust, especially between a trustee and a beneficiary.

Whether you need a professional trustee or an experienced team that can work with an individual trustee, our fiduciary offering provides expertise that includes administering trusts, investing assets, maintaining records and reporting, disbursing income and principal, coordinating trustee meetings, and communicating with beneficiaries, as appropriate.

Entity oversight and administration

Simplify the complexity

Special purpose structures—partnerships, limited liability companies and trusts—require special management skills to achieve their purpose. Our experts begin by organizing and summarizing the entity structures and inter-relationships, and then we collaborate with your other advisors to provide assistance with corporate formalities, facilitation of cash flow between entities, and coordination of insurance placement, among other key tasks to ensure the entities are managed according to your plan.

Wealth transfer, legacy and philanthropy

What it’s all for

When families think of “wealth,” they often think: How do I move it down to the next generations? But when they think further, they realize that their bigger goal is to pass it down with love and meaning. 

We help with that by developing an overall family wealth plan to transfer wealth to future generations in a way that fosters responsibility and stewardship of family wealth. By implementing our Legacy Curriculum and Effective Philanthropy Venture, you can take action and apply best practices of successful wealthy families.

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When a family shares their thoughts on all these things with us, we’re able to shape our offering to respond to the different generations’ needs.

Multi-generational wealth comes with a set of complexities that require an approach that recognizes, understands and responds to the big picture and the small details. Utilizing a centralized family office management structure ensures that all of the family’s wealth planning needs are being addressed. This encompasses everything from a very granular view of a family’s assets, trusts, risk protection and legal entities to helping a family consider and articulate its mission and vision.


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