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Realizing Wealth's Promise

Many see wealth as a source of financial security and independence, but they often also look to use their wealth in ways that can benefit their families, communities and society at large—they value wealth not just for what it can buy, but for what it can do.

Having wealth brings an awareness of both its many possibilities as well as its challenges, which may result in new questions:

What more do I need to know to make the right investing decisions?"

Am I taking the right steps to protect my assets?"

How can I give money away 'the right way'?"

Am I modeling good financial behavior for my family?"


CIBC Private Wealth’s Women’s CIRCLE is centered on helping you answer these questions—and more. We know that you have certain priorities for your wealth and that you want to get more out of money than just a good return. We know that you raise issues and ask hard questions because you likely view wealth as a means to multiple ends—for yourself, your family, your community.


What is Women's Circle? Listen and learn:


Women’s CIRCLE is where you can connect, share and engage on important issues about wealth—throughout your life. We offer resources and events relevant to your discrete interests and needs. And we have a talented group of financial advisors who can be your partner for wealth management. We look forward to welcoming you into our Women’s CIRCLE.


Let's Talk

Our Women’s CIRCLE program is the way to have new conversations about women and wealth. Here is just some of what you can gain when you come in to our CIRCLE.


Research shows that 74% of women rank concern about their children and grandchildren as their top financial planning priority. Women also indicate a preference for less risky investments, yet women do not want to be stereotyped and offered fewer investment choices.1 We find that our female clients also want to know about ways to manage, protect and share their wealth and develop their family’s legacy plan.

Women's CIRCLE is centered on you, allowing you to:

  • Connect, share and engage with other women on topics that are important to your life
  • Enter a state of mind, a gathering (literally and figuratively) and a new conversation that trades in the currency of intelligence


Perhaps you’re the head financial decision-maker of your household. Or perhaps you’re the head of a business or of a multi-generational family. Perhaps you’re at the place in your life where you anticipate being in one or more of these roles. Regardless of which description best defines you, if you have both the desire and the need to make investment decisions, you need as much knowledge and information as possible.

Our resources will help you:

  • Better understand the big picture—the markets, the economy, the tax environment
  • Know how to apply investment analysis to goal setting and asset allocation
  • Feel confident in navigating market volatility and measuring investing success


For many people, the words “wealth planning” are synonymous with spreadsheets, documents and taxes. We consider wealth planning to be all about relationships—with your family, your community, your wealth advisors and, perhaps most importantly, the relationship between you and your wealth.

In short, we focus on how you wish to use the wealth that you have created by:

  • First, planning for your own needs and protecting your wealth
  • Then, helping you articulate and plan for disposing of your wealth in the manner you wish
  • Above all, helping you achieve a sense of satisfaction and joy about the use of your wealth for yourself, your family and causes you hold dear


If philanthropy is one of your goals, how can you start a giving plan that is really meaningful? There are numerous broader considerations— from “How can I make a difference?” to “How can my vision be sustained beyond my lifetime?” But it starts with one simple decision—to give.

Through our Women’s CIRCLE resources and workshops, you and your family can explore what strategic philanthropy means to you by:

  • Finding a cause that is meaningful for you and your family
  • Identifying ways to involve your family beyond donating money
  • Creating strategies that will have an impact and leave a lasting legacy


Generation to generation. Pass it on and pass it down—and we don’t just mean the money. Family legacy planning is an opportunity to define, reflect on and express what wealth means to your family. From almost a century in wealth management, we know that women are very often the drivers of family legacy planning2.

In response, we have developed three key principles and related workshops to help sustain your family’s wealth and legacy across generations:

  • Integrate planning for family wealth
  • Evolve a healthy family wealth culture
  • Develop the rising generation


For a business owner, whether you built the business yourself or you are the matriarch in a family that owns a business, or both, we understand that preservation of the enterprise is a key concern. We also understand that often means many things—preservation of capital, the family’s role in the business, the harmony of multigenerational relationships and the vision for the future of the business.

Our resources and experience can help you, your family and your business whether you are:

  • Planning to pass the business down to the next generations
  • Evaluating the possibility of selling the business
  • Remaining active while younger family members find their role

Women are expected to control
$22 trillion of personal wealth
in the U.S. by 2020.3


2Through predecessor firms.

3BMO Financial Group report, 2015

Women's CIRCLE - Let's Prepare

Let's Prepare

We have a talented group of financial advisors and wealth strategists who can be your partner for wealth management. We look forward to welcoming you into our Women's CIRCLE.