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Explore interesting books alongside compelling wealth management topics with host Rebecca Milliman, senior wealth strategist at CIBC Private Wealth


October 19, 2023

Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl

Author Renée Rosen discusses Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl, a chronicle of Estée Lauder’s rise in the cosmetics world, and how her name became an icon in the industry. Following this, CIBC Private Wealth professional Sofia Hou examines why some brands are trendy for a time, while others become timeless. Using an investment lens, Sofia also explores brand-building greats and mistakes.

Watch now48 minutes

September 7, 2023

Love & Lemons: Feel Good Food

Author Jeanine Donofrio discusses her latest book Love & Lemons: Simple, Feel Good Food. The book offers a collection of plant-focused meals that can be made immediately or ahead of time, and caters to all types of cooks. Following this, CIBC Private Wealth professional Leslie Kehoe shares effective ways to engage in family-focused philanthropic practices.

Watch now48 minutes

May 4, 2023

Built To Move

Authors Juliet and Kelly Starrett discuss their book, Built To Move, and present 10 practices to enhance your mobility, make you feel energetic and boost your quality of life. Then, CIBC Private Wealth professional Judith Saxe shares our best practices for financial fitness to ensure you have a sound and healthy wealth plan.

Watch now57 minutes

March 21, 2023

The Lunar Housewife

Caroline Woods discusses her novel, The Lunar Housewife, inspired by the true story of CIA intervention in Cold War American arts and letters. Following this, CIBC Private Wealth professional Dan Delany highlights the value of international investing despite global headwinds with a focus on China and today’s new Cold War.

Watch now58 minutes

July 21, 2022

Collective Wisdom

New York Times bestselling author Grace Bonney discusses her book Collective Wisdom: Lessons, Inspiration, and Advice from Women Over 50. Then, CIBC Private Wealth professional, Amanda Regnier, discusses how you can preserve your family stories, why it is important, and methods to do so.

Watch now42 minutes

May 12, 2022

The Daughters of Yalta

Catherine Grace Katz discusses The Daughters of Yalta, her inside look, through the eyes of three young women, at the historic meeting that was instrumental in shaping the second half of the 20th Century. Then, CIBC Private Wealth professional Patricia Bannon takes a look at historical events through the lens of the investor — navigating portfolios amidst geopolitical and financial shocks, and separating news from noise.

Watch now57 minutes



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