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Active managers with diverse thinking styles, an autonomous, flexible approach to strategies and a unified objective of outperformance.

Team Investments Employees List


David L. Donabedian, CFA | Chief Investment Officer



Patricia A. Bannan, CFA | Head of Equities, Disciplined Equity


Portfolio managers

Robert C. Bridges | All Cap Growth, Equity Income and Large Cap Growth

Daniel P. Delany, CFA | International Growth

Jim L. Farrell, CFA | Global Sustainable Equity

W. Brant Houston, CFA | Disciplined Equity and Income Opportunities

John P. Huber | All Cap Growth, Equity Income and Large Cap Growth

Sid Nargundkar, CFA | Durable Growth

Bryan G. Reilly | Mid-Cap Growth

Matthew K. Scherer, CFA | International Growth and Global Sustainable Equity

Gordon C. Scott, CFA | Equity Income and Large Cap Growth


Research analysts and trading

Rebecca Babin 

Kate L. Bergin

Frances Boatwright 

Kate M. Christman 

Lori S. Evans, CFA

Sofia Hou

Christopher J. Lewis, CFA

Sean Lim

Philip D. Lorenz, CFA

Thomas A. Mantone, Jr.

Mark J. McKevitt, CFA

Ben Nguyen

Kyle Nitiss

Charlie E. Parry

R. McMillan "Mac" Price, CFA 

Mark Sigal

Shereen Undavia

Sean Usechek


Fixed income

Gary E. Pzegeo, CFA | Head of Fixed Income


Portfolio managers

Christopher J. Lanouette, CFA | Custom Portfolios

Timothy S. Musial, CFA | Total Return, Intermediate Bond and Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond


Research analysts and trading

Matthew E. Jessup 

Evan Katz, CFA 

Daniel Skolochenko

Cong Tian, CFA


Energy infrastructure

Paul M. McPheeters, CFA | Lead Portfolio Manager


Portfolio managers

Adam R. Karpf, CFA | Energy Infrastructure

Lance Marr, CFA | Clean Energy


Research analysts and trading

Jerimiah Booream, CFA 

Kimberly Keaton

Christopher J. Linder

Miriam C. Madden


Multi-manager investment program (MMIP)

Ohm M. Srinivasan, CFA | Head of Manager Research & Alternative Investments


Research analysts and portfolio managers

Michael T. Comiskey, CAIA  | Traditional

Daniel A. Criscuolo | Private Markets

Lester Duke, CFA | Private Markets

Kyle W. Leavitt, CFA | Private Markets

Jeffrey B. Lee, CFA | Hedge Funds

Jigar Patel, CFA | Hedge Funds, Multi-Strategy

Rachel Perry | ESG

Angela Williams, CFA | Traditional 

Mark A. Zarella | Hedge Funds


Environmental, social & governance (ESG) investing

Patricia A. Bannan, CFA | Head of Equities, Disciplined Equity

Lance Marr, CFA | Clean Energy

Rachel Perry | Associate

Edward Apsey | Co-Head of ESG Engagement and Stewardship


Portfolio managers

Jim L. Farrell, CFA | Global Sustainable Equity

Matthew K. Scherer, CFA | International Growth and Global Sustainable Equity



Research analysts and trading

Kate L. Bergin

Jerimiah Booream, CFA

Lori S. Evans, CFA


Administration and services

Sean R. Brophy | Director of Investment Administration

Micaela Luckovich Campbell | Director of Investment Communications and Team Engagement

Kathleen Cotter

Lucian Di Marco

Naoufal Jilal

Christopher J. Matthews

Thomas P. O'Connor, CFA

Tanay Patel 

Michael Pileggi

Caroline Tully

Keith Willar | Head of Investment Performance



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