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CIBC Private Wealth’s Investment Team brings advanced expertise and years of experience to the management of our proprietary investment strategies and of our Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP). To learn more about our investment offerings, please contact a CIBC Private Wealth advisor.

Team Investments Employees List


David L. Donabedian, CFA | Chief Investment Officer

Patricia A. Bannan, CFA | Head of Equities, Disciplined Equity

Sean R. Brophy | Head of Investment Center of Excellence

Thomas A. Mantone, Jr. | Head Equity Trader

Gary E. Pzegeo, CFA | Head of Fixed Income



Rebecca Babin | Equity Trader

Frances Boatwright | Equity Trader

Robert C. Bridges | All Cap Growth, Equity Income and Large Cap Growth

Scott M. Burg, CFA, CAIA | MMIP, Traditional

Kate M. Christman | Equity Trader

Daniel A. Criscuolo | MMIP, Private Markets

Daniel P. Delany, CFA | International Growth

Lester Duke, CFA | MMIP, Private Markets

Jim L. Farrell, CFA | ESG Global Equity

W. Brant Houston, CFA | Disciplined Equity and Income Opportunities

John P. Huber | All Cap Growth, Equity Income and Large Cap Growth

Adam R. Karpf, CFA | Energy Infrastructure

Christopher J. Lanouette, CFA | Fixed Income

Lance Marr, CFA | Clean Energy

Paul M. McPheeters, CFA | Energy Infrastructure

Timothy S. Musial, CFA | Fixed Income

Sid Nargundkar, CFA | Durable Growth

Jigar Patel, CFA | MMIP, Hedge Funds

Jay Pearlstein, CFA | Mid-Cap Growth

Matthew K. Scherer, CFA | International Growth and ESG Global Equity

Gordon C. Scott, CFA | Equity Income and Large Cap Growth

Ohm M. Srinivasan, CFA | Head of Manager Research & Alternative Investments

Lisa K. Tesarik, CFA | MMIP, Traditional

Frederick L. Weiss, CFA | Mid-Cap Growth


Kate L. Bergin | Equities

Jerimiah Booream, CFA | Energy Infrastructure

Lori S. Evans, CFA | Equities

Sofia Hou | Equities

Matthew E. Jessup | Fixed Income

Kyle W. Leavitt, CFA | MMIP, Traditional, Private Markets and Hedge Funds

Jeffrey B. Lee, CFA | MMIP, Hedge Funds

Christopher J. Lewis, CFA | Equities

Christopher J. Linder | Energy Infrastructure

Philip D. Lorenz, CFA | Equities

John E. Maloney | Fixed Income

Mark J. McKevitt, CFA | Equities

Michael D. Neumann, CFA | Fixed Income

R. McMillan "Mac" Price, CFA | Equities

Lauren N. Ravalli | MMIP, Traditional

Bryan G. Reilly | Co-Manager, Mid Cap Growth

Miriam C. Rubinstein | Energy Infrastructure

Daniel Skolochenko | Fixed Income

Cong Tian, CFA | Fixed Income

John C. Tennaro, CIMA®, CSRIC™ | Head of ESG & Impact Investing Solutions

Sean Usechek | Equities

Mark A. Zarella | MMIP, Traditional, Private Markets and Hedge Funds