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Adam R. Karpf


Managing Director

Adam Karpf is a portfolio manager for CIBC Private Wealth Management's Energy Infrastructure strategy. He over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and began his career as an analyst for Standard and Poor's.

Adam has been analyzing the Energy Infrastructure industry since 2001, when he became a senior analyst in the equity research team at Lehman Brothers. In 2006 he was ranked No. 1 in the Oil Equipment, Services and Distribution industry in The Wall Street Journal's "Best on the Street" Survey. In 2005 and 2006, he was a ranked analyst in the Institutional Investor Research All-American Poll. Prior to joining CIBC, Adam was the head of the Energy infrastructure research team and a portfolio manager at Magnetar Capital.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in finance from Lehigh University and also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. In 2018, Adam was also selected as a Board Advisor to the Tortoise Acquisition Corp.  In 2020, Adam was also selected as a Board Advisor to the Tortoise Acquisition Corp II and Rice Acquisition Corp.

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