New York, New York

New York

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1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036


PHONE NUMBER: 212.259.3800

TOLL FREE: 800.773.3469

FAX NUMBER: 212.259.3888

Office Head:

Kishore Setty, CFA, Managing Director

Team Executive:

Marc Keller, Managing Director

Wealth Management Team:

Francis S. (Skip) Branin, Managing Director

J Haywood Davis, Managing Director

Kyle D. Edmonds, CFP®, Managing Director

Alexandra L. Fuhrmann, CFA, Managing Director

Jonathan K. Kadish, CFP®, ChFC, Managing Director

Craig H. Lambdin, CFA, CIC, Managing Director

Christopher Lombardo, CFA, Managing Director

Amanda G. Marsted, Managing Director

Luke A. Davis, Senior Vice President

Laura A. Gallagher, Senior Vice President

Sherry Monroe, Senior Vice President

Halsey O. Schreier, Senior Vice President

Jenny Cheung, CTFA, Vice President

Anna E. Giannopapas, Vice President

Angela Hsieh, Vice President

Meredith B. de Rham, Vice President

Maria C. Rispoli, Vice President

Daniel J. Silver, CFA, Vice President

Emily S. Sippel, CFP®, Vice President

Cintia Torres, Vice President

Laurie A. Stern, Associate Vice President

Denise Amaya-Rodriguez, Senior Associate

Margaret S. Sueme, Senior Associate

Emma J. Diehl, Associate

Joanna Lee, Associate

Investment Team:

Adam R. Karpf, CFA, Managing Director

Jigar Patel, CFA, Managing Director

Rebecca Babin, Senior Vice President

Firm Leaders:

Eric B. Propper, CFA, President

Bruce D. Katz, CFP®, Director of Strategic Alliances

Rosa M. Yun, Counsel

Mary E. (Betsy) Antunes, Senior Compliance Officer

Barry P. Hoy, CFA, CTFA, Director of Counterparty and Investment Risk