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300 Madison Ave, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017


PHONE NUMBER: 212-259-3800

TOLL FREE: 800-773-3469

FAX NUMBER: 212-259-3888

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Team New York Employees List

Office Head:

Kishore Setty, CFA, Managing Director & East Coast Regional Executive 

Team Executive:

Marc Keller, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Wealth Management Team

Gregory Botshon, Managing Director & Senior Private Banker

Luke A. Davis, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Kyle D. Edmonds, CFP®, Managing Director

Alexandra L. Fuhrmann, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Craig H. Lambdin, CFA, CIC, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Christopher Lombardo, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Amanda G. Marsted, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Sherry Monroe, Managing Director & Senior Client Service Manager 

Michael F. Pudlak, Managing Director & Market Manager

Amanda B. Regnier, Managing Director & Senior Wealth Strategist

Halsey O. Schreier, Managing Director & Senior Wealth Strategist

Cynthia Temple, Managing Director & Private Banking Advisor

Patricia Tiralongo, CFA, Managing Director & Institutional Business Developer

John Hoag, Senior Vice President & Senior Relationship Manager

Daniel J. Silver, CFA, Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager

Jenny Cheung, CTFA, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Meredith B. de Rham, Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager

Anna E. Giannopapas, Vice President & Client Service Manager

Angela Hsieh, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Maria C. Rispoli, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager 

Cintia Torres, CTFA, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager 

Denise Amaya-Rodriguez, Associate Vice President & Client Service Manager

Margaret S. Sueme, Associate Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Ardijana Muminovic, Senior Associate & Senior Client Service Associate

Spencer Taylor, Senior Associate & Senior Client Service Associate

Nathaniel Baronowski, Associate & Client Service Associate

Lashimmedee Somerville, Associate & Senior Client Service Associate



Investment Team

Rebecca Babin, Managing Director & Senior Equity Trader 

Adam R. Karpf, CFA, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Jigar Patel, CFA, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Firm Leaders

Bruce D. Katz, CFP®, Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer

Mary E. (Betsy) Antunes, Director & Senior Compliance Officer

Barry P. Hoy, CFA, CTFA, Director & Counterparty and Investment Risk

Erica P. Norris, Director & Senior Compliance Officer

Vineet Vermani, Executive Director of CIBC Family Office Client Experience