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Nahid Aminzai

Nahid Aminzai

Newport Beach
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Nahid Aminzai

Managing Director

Nahid Aminzai is a market manager at CIBC Private Wealth, with over 30 years of industry experience. In this role, she is responsible for supporting the private banking market executive in boosting our customer base through client-focused practices, client engagement and client team development. Nahid is also responsible for attracting new private banking clients by developing strategies and solutions to meet their needs, as well as managing the delivery of private banking and wealth management services to clients.

Nahid joined the firm in 2022 as a market manager. Prior to joining the firm, Nahid was a senior vice president and wealth advisor in the California region at Comerica Bank, where she developed market materials, plans, presentations and strategies to serve clients.

Previously, she served as a market leader for 10 years at Mutual of Omaha Bank, where she led a team of financial experts in the private banking and private wealth management divisions.

Nahid earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and marketing from National University, a degree from Pacific Coast Banking University, and an associate degree in mechanical engineering from Kansas University.

Representing CIBC Bank USA.

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