Event Recording Navigating the 2020 Election

Navigating the 2020 election
amidst COVID-19 & civil unrest

As the turbulence of the presidential primaries has given way to social distancing, event postponements, and national protests, the United States’ political leadership is being put to the test at a critical phase of the 2020 election. What impact will the global pandemic and civil unrest have on the contest?

David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report shared his insights on these topics during our Virtual Speaker Series event on June 11, 2020. View a snippet from the event below.


Keynote speaker

David Wasserman
House Editor
Cook Political Report

CIBC expert panel


Frances Boatwright
Senior Equity Trader
CIBC Private Wealth


Dave Donabedian, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
CIBC Private Wealth


Alison Murphy
Managing Director
CIBC, Middle Market Banking  

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