Header WS The practical side of aging wisely

The practical side of aging wisely

WS The practical side of aging wisely


The future may be full of transitions—into retirement, into a different healthcare system, even possibly into caregiving for your elderly family members. These transitions require proactive planning to prepare yourself and your family. 

Your estate plan and its impact on your family

The most effective estate plan is one that covers all the basics in a very practical way throughout your life. While you don’t need to have significant wealth to need practical planning, you do need to have a vision for how you want your family taken care of. There are some practical planning steps that can help your estate plan be effective for you and your family as you age.

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Cognitive decline in you or a loved one

An aging population is presenting new challenges to families and advisors alike. As we rise to meet these challenges, more attention is being paid to our aging population and its effects on society and individual relationships. Luckily, there is a wealth of resources as well as specific action items that can help smooth the path of inevitable change.

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An ever-changing healthcare system

At various stages of life—including, retirement, starting a new business, changing jobs, becoming Medicare-eligible—healthcare is one more decision point and understanding and managing it all can be a big undertaking. However, exploring a few topics can help you make better decisions about your healthcare today and in the future.

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Additional resources

Please see additional resources on this topic, or contact a CIBC Private Wealth advisor for more information.