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Election Insights with Dan Clifton

In October and November of 2020, we hosted two private discussion sessions with Dan Clifton, Partner and Head of Policy Research at Strategas.

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Virtual Speaker Series

The Great Reset

Jack Uldrich, global futurist and best-selling author, explained how leaders can reframe problems into opportunities, restore communities and our natural world, and reconnect with employees and customers at a deeper level.

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Virtual Speaker Series

Navigating the 2020 election amidst COVID-19 & civil unrest

What impact will the global pandemic and civil unrest have on the contest? David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report shared his insights on the turbulence of the presidential primaries.

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Past, Present, Future: U.S. - China Relations

Conflicts with China have centered around both trade and geopolitical disputes as well as cybersecurity threats. Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret.) provided an engaging look at the past, present and future of U.S. – China relations.

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Speaker series

Foresight 20/20: Trends Transforming Tomorrow

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Women's CIRCLE

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