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A Broad Asset Allocation View

In 1999*, we formed the Asset Allocation Committee (AAC) to provide value through a “heads together” approach to developing asset allocation recommendations. Our team of experienced analysts and portfolio managers scrutinizes economic, political and market events around the globe, both gradual and sudden, and then identifies what we think are the best opportunities across all asset classes to be represented in your portfolio.

Meeting monthly, these senior investment professionals focus on our firm’s hierarchy of objectives:

  • Preserve capital
  • Maintain purchasing power vs. inflation
  • Grow capital through solid risk-adjusted returns

The AAC has a long-term focus on strategic asset allocation complemented by fluid and dynamic thinking on opportunities for tactical enhancements, which must clear a high hurdle. We have to identify what we consider a material mispricing in the market that will allow us to re-allocate to either reduce risk or generate more return. Tax considerations and transaction costs are factored in, and the time horizon for our tactical recommendations is 12 to 18 months. We’re seeking opportunities that are significant and sustainable—well beyond what is often referred to as “market timing.”

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*Through legacy firms.



Customized, Quality Portfolios

We believe clients of significant wealth are best served by a customized asset allocation and investment strategy. Your wealth advisor considers your liquidity and income needs, time horizon, tax issues, return expectations, risk tolerance and asset constraints when using the guidance from the AAC to set your allocation and choose the most appropriate managers.



Strategic, Flexible Asset Allocation

Risk Management:
Seeking Clarity to Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance and risk perception are central to long-term investing success—as is the risk management expertise of your wealth management team.

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Asset Allocation:
Seek Significant and Sustainable Opportunities

Thirty years ago, asset allocation was generally a “plain vanilla” mix of 60/40 stocks and bonds, mostly from the U.S. Plenty has changed, turning asset allocation into a science—but one that still needs a liberal dose of artful judgment.

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Is Active Management Still Relevant?

Passive strategies may excel in low interest rate environments, but the next few years are likely to be the opposite: tighter monetary policy, a maturing economic cycle and rising rates.

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