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Tailwinds, headwinds and the occasional wind shear


Investor Insights

The global microchip shortage and what it means for investors

Why are we experiencing a chip shortage, and what may be its impacts?

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Investor Insights

Bond market insights

From the desk of CIBC Private Wealth Head of Fixed Income Gary Pzegeo, CFA.

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Investor Insights

Simmering on the back burner: the national debt

The national debt of the United States is bigger than the American economy.

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Investor Insights

Profitable summer … frenetic fall?

The stock market has experienced a remarkable run despite pockets of speculation around the fringes. What might change?

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Wealth strategies

Protecting your wealth

This five-part series focuses on preserving wealth for yourself and future generations through sound investment management and thoughtful wealth protection strategies.

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The fiscal debate in Washington

Recently, President Joe Biden proposed the biggest expansion of the federal government’s role in the economy since the 1960s by laying out his tax policy pitch for both corporate and individual taxes. Our experts assess potential impacts on wealth planning and the financial markets.

Wealth planning

A look at Biden's (early) tax policy proposals

Financial market focus


Investment Insights

Commodities: A triple threat?

What are the possible benefits of adding commodities to your portfolio?

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What to know about recently proposed transfer tax legislation

Legislation has been proposed recently in the Senate that may impact those considering wealth transfer this year and in the future. In this article, we summarize many of those proposals and suggest some action items in light of those proposals.

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Cryptocurrency insights

Bitcoin appeared seemingly out of nowhere and has since become the fastest-growing, best-performing asset/currency in the world. Bitcoin has received plenty of headline attention, yet it remains a mystery to experienced and casual investors alike.



Progressing toward a post-COVID-19 environment

As we say goodbye to a challenging 2020, we look ahead with optimism at the economic growth potential in the years to come. Can we expect the economic recovery to mirror that of the most recent Great Recession? Or, is more promising news ahead in a post-vaccine world?

2021 economic & financial markets outlook

2020 wrap-up


Expert Q&A series

Legacy of COVID-19

Key innovations that emerged during this pandemic will outlive it. Others are yet to reveal themselves but will surely be part of the legacy of COVID-19. CIBC Private Wealth is committed to bringing to you the perspective and insight of top thinkers in various fields on what the legacy of COVID-19 could be.


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Senior equity trader Rebecca Babin quoted in Yahoo! Finance

'Oil Gains as North American Freeze, OPEC+ Constraints Hit Supply'



Chief Investment Officer Dave Donabedian, CFA quoted in Financial Advisor

'Bitcoin Declines To Lowest Level Since December's Flash Crash'

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Chief Investment Officer Dave Donabedian, CFA quoted in Reuters

'Stocks slump, Treasury yields rise on fear of a faster Fed pullback'



The security and strength of CIBC Private Wealth

Review answers to common questions about the strength of CIBC, the security of your assets with CIBC Private Wealth, internal and external controls, and more. Read more


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