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Our investment experts offer economic and financial insights
to balance today's market environment with long-term considerations.

MAY 25, 2023

Considerations in a range bound market

A top-heavy equity market, a Fed inflection point and all eyes on Washington — our experts provide an update on the factors most heavily influencing the current market environment.



The double squeeze play - U.S. regional banks and office real estate

The Fed's interest rate hikes have had profound implications for the economy, significantly affecting regional banks and commercial real estate. Our economics team assesses the outlook for these two key components of the economy.



Financial markets outlook: Growing headwinds

Despite signs of a slowing U.S. economy, slower-than-hoped-for easing of inflation and recent financial sector stress, markets have been resilient so far this year. But, is it sustainable? Our experts offer insights into the emerging themes that will set the tone for markets in the year ahead..

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How to understand and navigate recent market events

CIBC experts discuss several macroeconomic factors, including financial sector volatility, central bank policy, recession likelihood and resulting investment opportunities.

This video was produced by our affiliate, CIBC Asset Management.



The rise and (upcoming) fall of economic “resilience”

Resilience is an apt description for an economy that has shown some surprising momentum in the first months of 2023. We identify the factors behind that staying power, but also point to signposts, recent events and a complex Fed balancing act that suggest it’s unlikely to persist as we move further into the year.


MARCH 14, 2023

Economic and market implications of the Silicon Valley Bank failure

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank created the most turbulence in the financial markets since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. We examine potential implications across the economy and markets with the caveat that this is a fluid situation.

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