2012, San Francisco Business Times, "Top Wealth Advisors in the Greater Bay Area"

Listing includes 77 firms and is based on the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices proprietary methodology using surveys. This list of wealth advisers was developed by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices. The practices were selected for this list in a multi-step process intended to maintain integrity and objectivity. Each participating advisory practice is evaluated on the following categories of practice management in no weighted order: financial planning, investment planning, accountability, practice management, education, credentials/designations, cost, disclosure, fees, compensation, technology and software, performance, risk, operations, team, experience, personnel, reporting, customer service model, and client education model. Each participating practice completed a questionnaire structure with unbiased, fair and equal, thorough questions monitored and approved by NABCAP’s board of directors. NABCAP scores the questionnaire based on a proprietary methodology. The listing was open to add advisers in the Bay Area market. Once the advisers have submitted t heir online questionnaire, NABCAP verifies the information submitted and checks the advisers compliance records and any licenses and designations they said they hold to confirm they are current and compliant. The result is a quantitative score that enables NABCAP to objectively compare all the submissions. Practices that made the list reached or surpassed that minimum score. NABCAP does not make scores public.