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Holistic wealth planning

When asked what we mean by holistic wealth planning, we often say that, in addition to investment management, we help our clients consider how they want to use the wealth that has been created. Our wealth strategists work with our clients to help them understand the plan they have in place and the changes they may want to make to that plan—simplifying the complexity that often comes with wealth planning.

With much experience, we have learned that our clients’ goals for wealth fall into three interconnected and enduring categories—to meet your lifestyle needs, plan for your family and other loved ones and fulfill your philanthropic vision.

Capabilities: Wealth Strategies - Simplifying Complexity


Preparing your family:
Lifetime giving
Education funding
Financial education
Multigenerational planning



Taking care of yourself:
Financial planning
Estate planning analysis
Retirement planning
Wealth preservation



Supporting your community:
Tax minimization
Charitable vehicles
Family engagement
Maximizing impact


WS Strategies

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WS Strategies


Our strategies

The possibilities of wealth are abundant. So is the scope of strategies and educational resources CIBC Private Wealth provides to help you evaluate them. Perhaps our most important contribution to your wealth plan is the assistance we can provide, in coordination with your other advisors, to allow you to fulfill the promise of your vision. Importantly, we align the goals of each generation, focusing on legacy, women and wealth and the rising generation.

WS Strategies

WS Strategies


What’s your vision for success?


Success often means achieving a sense of satisfaction and joy about the use of your wealth for yourself, your family and causes you hold dear. We help you put plans in place to realize your vision for broader community impact and a lasting family legacy.

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Today is your tomorrow

Rising generations

We engage the rising generations through a variety of topics on financial planning.

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Realizing wealth’s promise

Women's Circle

Women's Circle is a unique initiative to engage new conversations about women and wealth.

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