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Integrated wealth strategies

When Linda was asked we mean by holistic wealth planning, we often say that, in addition to investment management, we help our client families consider how they want to use the wealth that has been created.

Capabilities: Wealth Strategies - Simplifying Complexity

Simplifying complexity

From close to a century of working with affluent families,* we know that there are universal concerns about wealth that bring complexity to wealth ownership. But we also know how to demystify this complexity. CIBC Private Wealth’s wealth strategies method is a process that ultimately presents a simplified picture of your wealth plan, helping you understand what you have in place and where changes are needed to make the plan reflect your current and future vision.

When asked what we mean by holistic wealth planning, we often say that, in addition to investment management, we help our client families consider how they want to use the wealth that has been created. With much experience, we have learned that our clients’ goals for wealth fall into three primary categories—to meet your lifestyle needs, plan your legacy and fulfill your philanthropic vision.

The picture we help you develop becomes our road map. Working with your other advisors— accountants and attorneys—we move your plan from where it is today to where you want it to be in the future.


Capabilities: Wealth Strategies - Linda Quote

Linda S. Beerman

Head of Wealth Strategies, CIBC Private Wealth

“You’ve done the planning. You’ve listened to your advisor, lawyer, accountant—they’ve talked to you about taxes until your eyes glazed over. You’ve done everything that you can to take advantage of all the exclusions, exemptions and credits to move your wealth down to the next generation. But there’s a little voice in your head that says, ‘What does this all mean? Are my children and grandchildren going to be ready for this? What’s going to happen when I’m not here to guide them? What is the purpose of wealth beyond money?’ We welcome these conversations.”

Capabilities: Wealth Strategies - Organized, Simplified

Organized, simplified wealth
and legacy planning

We believe, the best wealth management is always centered on you and your family—it’s about what you need, not about what we have to offer. And the best approach is with an integrated team that brings you and your family, our wealth strategists and investment team together, under the guidance of your wealth advisor. Throughout your relationship with our firm, all parties will work closely to discover, guide and ultimately deliver a holistic wealth strategy.


Step 1

Organize and SIMPLIFY


  • Summarize existing wealth plan
    including assets, liabilities and legal
  • Understand family circumstances
  • Define multi-generational
    family goals

Step 2



  • Determine if existing plan
    matches current goals
  • Discuss preliminary
    planning options
  • Summarize steps to move
    plan forward

Step 3

Collaborate and Implement


  • Team with other advisors to
    determine appropriate actions
  • Implement desired modifications
  • Consider updates as
    circumstances change

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