What Does It Mean to Leave a Legacy?

Once the mechanics of the wealth transfer plan are in place and understood, we find that our clients are increasingly concerned with preparing the family to receive the wealth. Very often, these concerns are expressed in several specific ways:

  • "We want to pass wealth
    to our children in a way
    that ensures
    their well-being."
  • "We want to tell and
    preserve the story of how
    our family wealth was built
    and the importance
    of the family's history."
  • "We want to create both a
    philanthropic philosophy and
    a vehicle to carry forth the
    values we hope our children
    and grandchildren share."
  • "We want to structure
    a plan that will allow
    future generations to make
    their own imprint on the
    wealth we've created."

Three Principles for Success

As a result, we have developed three key principles and related best practices for sustaining your wealth and legacy across generations.
This initiative includes online educational resources and multi-generational family workshops.

Legacy Planning: Getting Started

Our approach to these principles focuses on bringing the best practices that support each principle to life.
To help you develop these practices, we have created a variety of resources to start your thinking on legacy planning below: