External Strategies

External Expertise: An Early Adopter

We established our Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP) in 1992 (through legacy firms) to complement our internal expertise. Since then, the MMIP team has researched thousands of managers, performing in-depth, qualitative and quantitative due diligence. In a typical year, there are approximately 150 external managers on our platform, covering almost every asset class and strategy: public equity, fixed income and liquid alternatives, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, private real estate and commodities.

As part of our objective manager selection process, every manager added to our platform must:

Our mission to identify best-in-class managers that can add long-term value to our clients’ portfolios is achieved only through a rigorous and fair assessment of these managers. Our firm does not accept compensation from external managers as part of our approval process. For some hedge funds of funds, CIBC Private Wealth Management receives a placement fee, which may be higher or lower than a client’s account-level fee, and waives the account-level fee on the monies invested in that fund. This arrangement eliminates a third layer of fees on these funds of funds.


When selecting traditional strategies, we utilize quantitative and qualitative research to identify managers with strong and consistent risk-adjusted performance, a strict investment philosophy and repeatable process.

Covered Asset Classes

  • U.S. Equities
  • Non-U.S. Equities
  • Global Fixed Income
  • Commodities
  • Liquid Alternatives


as of 06.29.17

Investors Beware... Of Investors

Scott Burg weighs in on the active vs. passive management debate and examines whether individual investors are successful in moving in and out of particular investment strategies at the right time.

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The Advisor

Q1 2017 edition

Bigger Things Might Come in Smaller Packages

The outlook for small-cap stocks is the most promising it has been in a decade.

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Scott Burg, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Scott M. Burg, CFA, CAIA

Senior Investment Analyst

Scott Burg is responsible for investment manager due diligence and selection within the Multi-Manager Investment Program's traditional investments team.

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Hedge Funds

In hedge fund investments, returns have been driven by strategy and manager selection. Our goal is to construct customized hedge fund portfolios for clients using high-quality managers across a variety of strategies that are likely to provide premium returns, net of fees, within acceptable risk parameters.

Our Actively Managed Categories

Our MMIP team has approved 39 individual hedge funds and 7 funds of funds, containing approximately 200 underlying hedge funds, and actively monitors approximately 150 additional funds across the following classifications:

  • Equity Long/Short
  • Relative Value
  • Event-Driven
  • Global Trading


as of 03.21.18

Hedge Funds: Falling Fees

Recent years of underperformance and a growing number of cheaper alternatives have collectively played a role in challenging hedge funds to develop reasonable fees.

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as of 03.30.17

What is Artificial Intelligence
and Why Should Investors Care?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting and transformative opportunities on the horizon.

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Ohm Srinivasan, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Ohm Srinivasan, CFA

Co-Manager, Hedge Funds

Ohm Srinivasan is an investment portfolio manager and co-heads the hedge fund research efforts within the Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP) based in Boston.

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Private Equity

When selecting private equity investments for customized client portfolios, we seek managers who can provide tax-efficient, premium returns to the public equity market. To provide broad diversification and entry, we actively invest with individual venture capital, leveraged buyout, energy and other private equity firms, as well as industry-leading fund of funds managers.

Consisting of:

  • Venture Capital
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Special Situation Funds
  • Funds of Funds


as of 05.22.18

Private Equity: Too Much Demand?

This past year saw record levels of capital being raised by Private Equity (PE) funds. This was the result of more firms coming to market to raise funds and a seemingly universal increase in the size of each fund raised.

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The Advisor

Q1 2018 Edition

A View From
the Inside: Biotechnology

Mike Powell, Ph.D., a general partner with venture capital biotech firm Sofinnova Ventures, discusses the state of the biotech industry.

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Daniel Criscuolo, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Daniel A. Criscuolo

Senior Investment Analyst

Daniel Criscuolo serves on the Multi-Manager Investment Team as a private equity analyst.

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Private Real Estate

In constructing customized private real estate portfolios for clients, we seek managers who repeatedly exploit market inefficiencies through strategic acquisition and management of commercial properties, generating capital appreciation and income.

Our MMIP team sources attractive real estate managers by evaluating a fund's investment strategy, previous investments, operations, reasonable use of leverage and track record.

The Advisor

Q3 2016 edition

Boom, Bust, Recovery

Housing is now in a modest, but solid, recovery, in large part due to spending on
R&R—repair and remodeling.

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Lester Duke, CIBC Atlantic Trust

Firm Expert

Lester P. Duke, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst

Lester Duke is responsible for investment manager due diligence and selection within the Multi-Manager Investment Program's alternative investments team.

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Responsible, Sustainable and Impact Investing

An approach to investing called RSI—“responsible, sustainable and impact investing”—seeks to create both financial return as well as positive social or environmental impacts that are actively measured. It’s a way for families to connect philanthropic vision with investing strategy.

Clean Energy

We offer access to diverse investment opportunities within renewables and clean technologies including solar, wind, smart grid, biofuel, geothermal, electric vehicles and fuel cell exposure.

CIBC Atlas Clean Energy Index

Contact the Clean Energy Team

The Advisor

Q3 2018 Edition

A Sunny and Windy Forecast: Clean Energy Moves Into the Mainstream

There's no question that energy is what makes the world go 'round. Nor that traditional resources—primarily fossil fuels—are ultimately finite.

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In the News

as of 09.01.17

Roundtable: The Rise of Impact Investing

With impact investing, the outcomes of making money or doing good are not mutually exclusive; rather, this type of investing is based on the belief that investors can help others while still helping themselves.

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John Tennaro, CIBC Private Wealth

Firm Expert, Impact Investing

John C. Tennaro, CIMA®

Senior Investment Analyst

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Nakia Maddox-Eubanks, CIBC Private Wealth

Firm Expert, Clean Energy

Lance Marr, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst

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