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How To Financially Prepare For A Job Transition This Year

John Switchenko
June 15, 2017

Download PDF   Leaving a thankless job to pursue a better opportunity can be rewarding, but it can also be financially scary. Money is one of the main reasons people stay at jobs they don’t like, even if they could potentially earn more elsewhere. The comforts of benefits, a guaranteed paycheck, and familiarity are understandably hard to give up. Going through any job transition,...
G2G Impact

What You Need To Know About Opening An IRA

John Switchenko
February 02, 2016

  Often considered the most basic form of retirement planning, the individual retirement account, or IRA for short, accounts for 26.5% of all U.S. retirement savings. Unlike the employer-sponsored 401(k), many IRAs are opened and maintained by individuals who may not have access to other retirement plans. In fact, almost anyone with taxable income (and even nonworking spouses) can...
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Retirement Basics: The 401(k) Plan

John Switchenko
December 08, 2015

  The 401(k) plan is the most popular employer-sponsored plan in the United States, with nearly 80% of full-time workers having access, according to the American Benefits Council. Despite its widespread popularity, however, many participants are still not sure exactly what a 401(k) account is or how to benefit from one.     Originally conceived as a supplement to traditional...