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Team Atlanta Office Info

3290 Northside Parkway NW, 7th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30327


Phone number: 404-881-3400

Toll free: 866-517-3400

Fax number: 404-816-7143

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Team Atlanta Employees List

Office head:

Beth McRae Mayfield, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Wealth management team:

W. Scott Thompson III, CTFA, President of CIBC Family Office

Sam A. Adams, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Charles R. Hoke, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Duncan M. Edwards, CFP®, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Leslie S. Kehoe, Managing Director & Senior Wealth Strategist

Halsey O. Schreier, Managing Director & Senior Wealth Strategist

Emily E. Wheeler, Managing Director & Private Banker

Leah M. Caracheo, CTFA, Senior Vice President & Family Office Executive

Victoria "Tori" G. Hood, CTFA, Senior Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Whitacre Mansfield, Senior Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Christopher E. Procise, Senior Vice President & Family Office Privately Held Investments Manager

Daniel Blaustein, CFP®, Vice President & Financial Planning Strategist

Robert P. Gaudette, CTFAVice President & Client Service Manager

Katherine A. Simmons, CTFA, Vice President & Client Service Manager

Joe Wright, Vice President & Family Office Privately Held Investment Relationship Manager

Kristie Dempsey, CFP, CTFA, Closely Held Business Analyst

Kelly D. Daniels, Associate Vice President & Senior Family Office Associate

Catherine M. Armstrong, Senior Associate & Client Analyst

Mary-Mac Hailey, Senior Associate & Senior Client Analyst

Matthew P. Manley, Senior Associate & Senior Client Service Associate

Kiernan Corbett, Associate & Executive Analyst

Crystal L. Herring, Associate & Account Opening Specialist

Kendall A. Jabaley, Associate & Executive Assistant

Cambria Russell, CRPC®, Family Office Associate & Client Service Manager

Aaronnia Wllis, Associate & Account Administrative Associate

Firm leaders & team members:

John S. Markwalter Jr., Chief Executive Officer

Linda S. Beerman, Head of Wealth Strategies

Julia M. Beisel, Executive Director, Business Transformation

Lenore W. Cusick, Managing Director & Chief Strategy and Implementation Officer

Carolyn C. Donnelly, Managing Director & Chief Client Engagement Officer

Mary Sloane Costabile, Vice President & Director of Client and Employee Engagement

Jennifer L. Platte, Vice President & Senior Fiduciary Controls Consultant

Roza Rivanshokooh, Director & Senior Counsel

Investment team:

Frances Boatwright, Managing Director & Director of Wealth Trading

Micaela Luckovich Campbell, Vice President & Director of Investment Communications and Team Engagement 

Thomas A. Mantone,  Managing Director & Head Equity Trader