3290 Northside Parkway NW, 7th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30327


PHONE NUMBER: 404 881-3400

TOLL FREE: 866 517-3400

FAX NUMBER: 404 816-7143

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W. Scott Thompson III, CTFA, Managing Director & Southeast Regional Team Executive


Barry N. Berlin, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Charles R. Hoke, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Beth McRae Mayfield, Managing Director & Senior Wealth Strategist

Halsey O. Schreier, Managing Director & Senior Wealth Strategist

Elizabeth Zielinski, Managing Director & Market Manager

Leah M. Caracheo, CTFA, Senior Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Victoria "Tori" G. Hood, CTFA, Senior Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Sam A. Adams, Vice President & Relationship Manager

Giovanni Boccia, CFP®, Vice President & Relationship Manager

Duncan M. Edwards, CFP®, Vice President & Relationship Manager

Robert P. Gaudette, CTFAVice President & Client Service Manager

Whitacre Mansfield, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Brent L. Taylor, CFP®, Vice President

Katherine A. Simmons, CTFA, Associate Vice President & Client Service Manager

Daniel Blaustein, CFP®, Senior Associate & Client Analyst

Kelly D. Daniels, Senior Associate & Senior Client Service Associate

Catherine M. Armstrong, Associate & Client Analyst

FIRM LEADERS & Team Members:

John S. Markwalter Jr., Chief Executive Officer

Linda S. Beerman, Head of Wealth Strategies

Julia M. Beisel, Executive Director of Business Transformation

Wayne K. DeWitt Jr., Managing Director & General Counsel

Carolyn C. Donnelly, Managing Director, Marketing & Strategic Priorities

Lenore W. Cusick, Director, Client & Employee Engagement

Nooruddin Tharani, Director, Wealth Management AML Compliance

Snehal G. Vara, Director, Marketing & Communications

Patce Crowley, Associate Vice President & Executive Assistant to Jack Markwalter

Kristy L. Daube, Senior Specialist, Marketing & Communications

Matthew Mammola, Senior Specialist, Digital Marketing

Abigail R. Smith, Corporate Paralegal

Micaela L. Campbell, Specialist, Marketing & Communications

Emily M. Douglas, Senior Compliance Officer

Page E. Hall, Specialist, Corporate Events

Jennifer L. Platte, Fiduciary Controls Consultant

Roza Rivanshokooh, Senior Compliance Specialist

Mary Sloane Stribling, Specialist, Corporate Events

Emily G. Wakefield, Senior Associate, Account Administration

Aaronnia Willis, Associate, Account Administration


Thomas A. Mantone, Head Equity Trader

Frances Boatwright, Senior Equity Trader