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100 Federal Street, 37th Floor
Boston, MA 02110


PHONE NUMBER: 617 357-9600

TOLL FREE: 877 614-9600

FAX NUMBER: 617 357-9602

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Team Boston employees list

Office Head:

William Norris, Team Executive

Wealth Management Team:

Julie Barron, Managing Director & Regional Head

Edward C. Bunn, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Kimberly A. Dwyer, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Susan E. Farris, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Alan S. Fields, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Lizabeth P. Fisher, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Martina A.R. Frangis, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Mark R. Gudaitis, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Peter L. Kugeler, Managing Director & Senior Private Banker

Eric S. Riak, CFP®, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Thomas N. Riley, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Relationship Manager

Judith A. Saxe, AEP®, CAP®, Managing Director & Director of Research and Education

Justin S. Amico, Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager

Nicole M. Argyriadis, Senior Vice President & Senior Trust Advisor

Joseph A. Beauchaine, CFP®, CAIA, Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager

Liza M. Connelly, Managing Director & Fiduciary Advisor

Elizabeth L. DeLaitsch, CFP®, Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager

Mark T. Kane, CFP®, Senior Vice President

Caroline B. McKay, Senior Vice President & Senior Wealth Strategist

Joanne Papangelis, CFP®, Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager

Thomas P. Walsh, CFA, CTFA, Senior Vice President & Senior Relationship Manager

Daniel Brady, CFA, Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager

Brian A. St. Germain, Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager

Thomas P. McHugh, Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager

Jeanne O'Connell, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Lisa L. O'Connor, Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager

John E. Switchenko, CTFA, CFP®, Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager 

Taylor Wailes, Vice President & Senior Client Service Manager

Emily A. Yiannis, Vice President & Relationship Manager 

Christine A. Kobyljanec, CFP®, ChFC®, Associate Vice President & Senior Client Analyst

Arbora Malushi, Associate Vice President & Associate Relationship Manager

Carol A. Manzo,  Associate Vice President & Client Service Manager

Thomas F. McNamara, Jr., Sr. Associate & Risk Assessment Consultant

Karen D. Wehrle, Associate Vice President & Senior Client Analyst

Caroline M. Bowne, CTFA, Senior Associate & Senior Client Service Associate

Tara M. Buckley, Senior Client Service Manager

Hilary J. Champagne, CTFA, Senior Associate & Client Analyst

Julia M. Hardigan, Senior Associate, Admin Coordinator & Client Service Specialist 

Cara A. McCartin, Senior Associate & Client Analyst

Katherine Lombardi, Senior Associate

Victor S. Valenzona, Fiduciary and Tax Associate

Belinda Kindell, Associate & Client Service Manager

Firm Leaders:

Sidney F. Queler, Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer

Timothy J. Majer, Managing Director & Director of Business Management

Jeffrey S. Thomas, CFA, Vice Chairman - Boston & Senior Relationship Manager

Lisa M. Garcia, Chief Risk Officer

Aaron B. Shields, Director, Tax Reporting Services

Kimberly L. Keating, Senior Compliance Officer

Investment Team:

David L. Donabedian, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

Patricia A. Bannan, CFA, Managing Director & Head of Equities

Sean R. Brophy, Managing Director & Head of Investment Center of Excellence

Christopher J. Lanouette, CFA, Managing Director & Investment Manager

Sid Nargundkar, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Investment Analyst

Jay Pearlstein, CFA, Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager 

Bryan G. Reilly, Managing Director & Co-Portfolio Manager of the Mid-Cap Growth Strategy

Gary E. Pzegeo, CFA, Head of Fixed Income & Co-Manager, Income Opportunities

Ohm Srinivasan, CFA, Managing Director & Head of Manager Research & Alternative Investments

Frederick L. Weiss, CFA, Managing Director & Co-Manager, Mid-Cap Growth Strategy

Daniel A. Criscuolo, Senior Vice President & Senior Investment Analyst

Scott M. Burg, CFA, CAIA, Senior Vice President & Senior Investment Analyst

Sofia Hou, Senior Vice President & Senior Investment Analyst 

Keith M. Willar, Senior Vice President & Performance Team Head 

Lori S. Evans, CFA, Vice President & Senior Investment Analyst 

Jeffrey B. Lee, CFA, Vice President & Senior Investment Analyst 

John E. Maloney, Vice President & Investment Manager

Mac Price, CFA, Vice President & Investment Analyst 

Christopher J. Matthews, Vice President & Manager, Investment Products Research

Mark A. Zarella, Senior Associate & Investment Analyst

Matthew E. Jessup, Associate & Client Analyst

Kyle W. Leavitt, CFA, Associate & Investment Associate

Sean Lim, Equity Research Analyst

Tanay Patel, Associate

Cong Tian, CFA, Associate & Portfolio Analyst