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A Culture of Care: What Does Being a Fiduciary Mean? (PDF)
We explore what it means to be a fiduciary, with parameters of care and responsibility for our client assets and a duty to act in our clients' best interests.
A Private Trust Company (PDF)
If you need a flexible entity to act as a trustee for one or more of your family trusts, a private trust company is one option you should consider.




Balancing Interests Between Trust Beneficiaries(video)
CIO David Donabedian, CFA, describes Atlantic Trust's careful consideration of the terms of a trust and their impact on the varying interests of multi-generational income and remainder beneficiaries.
Putting Your Trust in a Trustee: Why Atlantic Trust as Trustee? (PDF)
Individuals and families who select Atlantic Trust to serve as trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee of their trusts can count on stability and permanence that individual trustees cannot match.