Chicago, Illinois

Team Geneva Advisors

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181 West Madison Street, 35th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602


PHONE NUMBER: 312.422.1720

TOLL FREE: 800.505.1720

Office Heads

Robert C. Bridges, Managing Director

John P. Huber, Managing Director

Wealth Management Team

Gregg D. Anderson, Managing Director

Thomas S. Bridges, Co-Head, High Net Worth Sales

Mark J. Cassell, CFA, Managing Director

Robert J. Coulton, Co-Head, High Net Worth Sales

Erin S. Dickes, Managing Director

Kenneth J. Gimbel, Managing Director

Kelly T. Goalby, Managing Director

Michelle M. Hermann, Managing Director

Richard F. Judd, Managing Director

Richard S. Kaplan, Managing Director

Bruce L. Klein, CFA, Managing Director

Bridgid H. Kyle, Managing Director

Michael E. Mortell, CFP®, Managing Director

David A. Pierce, Managing Director

Mark E. Resnik, Managing Director

Richard K. Sheiner, Managing Director

J. Scot Tyson, Managing Director

James J. Arado, Managing Director

James A. Barasa, Senior Vice President

Sean B. Dobbins, Senior Vice President

Tina M. Frey, CFP®, Senior Vice President

Donald B. Gimbel, Senior Vice President

Randy M. Joseph, Senior Vice President

Mike Kimbarovsky, Senior Vice President

M. Shawn Leist, Senior Vice President

Keith R. Malooley, CFP®, CFA, Senior Vice President

Theresa M.H. Marx, Senior Vice President

Robert J. Merkle, CFA, Senior Vice President

Margaret Miller, Senior Vice President

Robert J. Nowlin, Senior Vice President

Jo Ann M. Seagren, Senior Vice President

Allen H. Smith, Senior Vice President

Stacey L. Velez, CFP®, Senior Vice President

Kathleen A. Birmingham, Vice President

Martin A. Brown, CFA, Vice President

Patricia D. DeChant, Vice President

James R. Escobar, Vice President

Joseph J. Locke, Vice President

Bernard F. Myszkowski, CFA, Vice President

Mark E. Pauly, CFA, Vice President

Thomas S. Postek, CFA, Vice President

John A. Cimaroli, Associate Vice President

Jordan H. Sheiner, Associate Vice President

Judy M. Nicchetta, CFP®, Financial Planner

Nathan W. Buth, Account Manager

Laura L. Clemons, Account Manager

Abby E. Davis, Account Manager

Gale W. Dewar, Account Manager

Karen I. Fox, Account Manager

Carolyn A. Lane, Account Manager

Lisa A. Massini, Account Manager

Charlene P. Morris, Account Manager

Tracy M. Olson, Account Manager

Annette M. Peterson, Account Manager

Andrea M. Simic, Account Manager

Evy L. Stein-Keller, Account Manager

Teresa Velgara, CFP®, Account Manager

Joshua J. Walters, CFP®, Account Manager

Cynthia A. Zuponeck, Account Manager

Investment Team

Gordon C. Scott, CFA, Managing Director

Daniel P. Delany, CFA, Managing Director

Thomas S. Postek, Vice President

Jim L. Farrell, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Christopher J. Lewis, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Timothy S. Musial, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Matthew K. Scherer, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Kate L. Bergin, Equity Analyst

Matthew R. George, CFA, Fixed Income Analyst

Philip D. Lorenz, CFA, Equity Analyst

Mark J. McKevitt, CFA, Equity Analyst

Kyle M. Nitiss, Quantitative Analyst

Kate M. Christman, Head of Trading

Thomas M. LaJeone, Trader

Carter S. Sims, Trader

Kaylin R. Rogers, Research Assistant

Firm Leaders

Amit Dhawan, CFA, Managing Director

Michael S. Brady, Executive Director, Head of Finance

Kurt M. Newsom, CFP®, Executive Director, Compliance

Amy J. Boyle, Director, Human Resources

Operations and Technology

Chad A. Starkovich, Executive Director, Technology

Eli J. Hernandez, Director, Technology Systems

Kristen K. Nations, Director, Operations

Janet C. Chutro, Analyst

Sherry L. McCune, Receptionist

Jennifer L. Schmidt, Accountant